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(Photo credit: McClure Twins Instagram)

The McClure family’s drama started when racist tweets from “dad” Justin McClure, were exposed. Because we all assumed Justin was the twins biological father, people demanded to know how he could tweet such horrible things after fathering biracial children.

In a YouTube video Justin apologized and mom Ami,revealed that Justin wasn’t their dad in an attempt explain their dating timeline and probably to save his butt. After that shocking revelation people did some digging and found out that Ami was married to a man named Jeff Pestka in 2012.


In her last video, Ami McClure described the twins’ bio daddy as not being present, and even said that he was abusive to her. Now, Jeff Pestka is allegedly telling his side.

According to Bossip, someone claims that they actually emailed Pestka to find out if he was in fact the twins father. And if these emails are actually from him, he had no idea that the girls were even on YouTube. The poor guy says he and Ami lived together from 2009 until they filed for divorce. And he even says that he was present for the twins birth, the exact opposite of what Ami said.

This tea just keeps getting hotter and only the Lord knows who’s telling the truth here, but those girls sure are adorable!

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21 thoughts on “McClure Twins’ Biological Dad Tells His Side After Mom Claims He Is A Deadbeat

  1. Clark A Luster on said:

    It’s kind of sad. For those of you judging them. How many of you are in biracial relationships? I bet I could point out the African Americans and whites that have issues with interracial dating and marriages. I am a white man and although I am married to a white woman now, I dated African American women for several years. My experiences were great. Quite honestly I only saw slight differences in tastes in food, music, and clothing. Otherwise it wa
    s pretty much the same as dating other women, which included Korean, Native American, and Europeans.

  2. Samantha Rossan on said:

    I know the truth about these 2, Jeff wasn’t a nice guy back then. He told lies upon lies. I’m very happy that Ami has found a real man to treat her and the girls right.

  3. Connie on said:

    someone is lying. You have to give up your parental rights in order for someone to be able to adopt your children

  4. And y’all talk bout black men ain’t no good. No matter what race creed or color me or just plain men. Black women, all those who’re men and yes I said whiten want is what between y’all legs also and god forbid you have a baby, yes they’re just like the black men too, when the baby come they run. 😂 lmao. We men are all just the same with different shade. Sisters the jokes on you!!!

    • Perry on said:

      Mac, after trying your advice of, “Where there are three or more, Head for the door”. I have had 3 peaceful weekends in a row without incident. No drama, fights, hot mess. It works, thanks.

  5. Really on said:

    It’s sad to see Black women like Ami being that blind to his racism and I’m not buying that I’ve changed.Like some people say,you’re not going to wait and ” change ” on YT, you’re going to do it way before you get on here.

    It’s also sad of the role model their three kids have for parents. It reminded me of an old Montel Williams clip where the Black woman was ” friends” with a skinhead…trying to give up his racist ways. Eventually, that friendship gave way to a pregnancy,a birth of a daughter. When Montel asked about caring for his daughter..the skinhead father paused…saying that he wasn’t going to be in his daughters life. No surprise there.

    The dangerous thing about interracial race deniers is that they want to make their own race seem like pariahs while the opposite race will pass because they want them to be the good guy in their minds,which race deniers like Ami want.

    If her supporters don’t believe it’s a big deal ,they should look at the Montel Williams clip and think again. That is ” nice ” compared to some of these same women who have been abused and called the N word because of it.

  6. DSmith on said:

    Actually glad she’s going through the drama with these white men she has chosen.. Show’s other black women who think white men are better that they aren’t!!! LMAO

  7. Sam smith on said:

    Love all the judgement on Ami and you don’t know her. Sthu. Just because she married a caucasian doesn’t mean she doesn’t love herself. You guys are narrow minded

  8. Passing Trough!! on said:

    This tea just keeps getting hotter and only the Lord knows who’s telling the truth here
    That’s because white man aren’t any better. This dark skinned woman full of black self-hate thought the white knight in shining armor was the answer her savior only to end up with a dead beat and then downgraded even further to a racist. And she wants to confront her most recent owner, racist ass husband as if she didn’t know he was a racist. Sadly Ami believes because white men indulge in her chocolate pleasure that they couldn’t possibly be racist, not understanding that racist are only attracted to her self-hatred. I’m glad Ami is putting all of her drama on YouTube so all of the other black man, self-hating black women can see that the snow isn’t whiter on the other side.

    • Amber on said:

      I have to agree PT. Like it or not, some blacks talk as if whites are superior to blacks and can not do nothing wrong YET those same blacks will be upset if a white person say whites are better. And yes, you can marry a white man who is a racist. if he views you as if her is superior to you racially and with the mind set, he can be racist with a black wife. Remember, slave owners had sex with black women and was called “mammies” and OWNED black women. Look even at the guy who sold the basketball team Mr. Stering.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        @Amber….I forgot about racist Donald Sterling, but you’re right that’s the perfect example a white man who sleeps with black and non white women but hates black men, a slave owners mentality.

    • Exactly!!! While I don’t care who marry who I do believe white men can be prejudiced and still want to bed black women. They have for over 500 years. They will easily walk away from their offspring. They had no problem making them slaves back then so the kids are nothing to them now. See how fast Justin will leave his offspring if he and Ami divorced. He gone be just like Jeff ghost because he will have no further use for them. Why this surprises anyone is beyond me. Ami better wake up and see she just chattel and if she wasn’t a YT sensation, or at least the girls weren’t Justin would probably have long ago got ghost once he got what he wanted.

  9. S.D. on said:

    When will people stop airing their dirty laundry on social media just to remain relevant (if that’s what you want to call it!!)? Stop it!!

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