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If you think Will Smith has negative feedback for his former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Janet Hubert after she publicly dissed him and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, guess again.

Hubert was among a string of topics Smith addressed during an interview with A.Dot on BBC’s online radio station, 1Xtra, according to Jezebel. When asked what he thought of Hubert versus her replacement as Aunt Viv, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Smith took a diplomatic route, saying, Both of the Aunt Vivs were really, really fantastic.”

“I think as an artist there’s so many things that she does,” Smith said, about Hubert, who he called “brilliant.” “She sings, she dances, she’s like a really powerful artist. I loved what she brought to the Fresh Prince.”

Smith’s comments come days after Hubert went in on him and his wife on social media over Jada’s call to boycott the 2016 Oscars in a noticeable rant.

“Miss Thing, does your man not have a mouth of his own with which to speak?” Hubert stated on Facebook, among other things she called the Smiths out on.

In addition to Hubert, Smith confirmed that he’s still boycotting the Oscars with Pinkett Smith and joked that he may have given his son Jaden and daughter Willow too much creative freedom.

Regarding the Oscars, Smith was candid in breaking down why he and Pinkett Smith opted against attending Hollywood’s biggest night a couple of years ago.

“To me it’s so far not about me. It’s not about us going to a show or not,” the actor-rapper said. “For me this is a much bigger social issue. I’m recognizing a pattern of the narrowing of the imagery. The narrowing of tolerance in America. I’ve been watching the news and experiencing the things that are going on in my country, my concern is that Hollywood is reflecting a regressive trend. Hollywood is supposed to lead. It’s supposed to be the most diverse and the most inclusive. All of the voices of so many different types of people and so many different types of stories. I’m just concerned that I’m seeing Hollywood slipping and making a slide that is a social and political slide that’s happening throughout the country.”

To see Smith’s interview, check out the video below. His response to the question about Hubert comes at the at about the 6:57 mark:

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8 thoughts on “Will Smith Has Nothing But Love For Janet Hubert, Despite Public Disses

  1. Classy move Will. When she went low, you went high. Team Will, even though I love me some original Aunt Viv. I sure wish things would have ended differently. 😑

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    I also believe some of Janet’s story as to what happened on the set of Fresh Prince but at the same time she needs to move one. To constantly keep displaying her bitterness every opportunity, every chance, every time she does an interview just doesn’t paint her in a very good light. When you keep repeating this story over and over for the past 10 years you start to sound like a scorned actress and your story will lose some of its’ credibility. She’s probably done more harm to her own career. Janet has more than made her point it’s time to move on. And Will Smith handled that very well.

    • tedgravely on said:

      – he was young. Can you imagine winning a Grammy at a young age, women throwing themselves at you and you’re the lead for a SITCOM? I think he had all this before 25. Most guys would have lost their minds. She was definitely mature and I’m sure couldn’t stand the foolishness. She should have let her hair down and had fun. Show the versatility that’s required. That woman is pretty, but she is bitter. What an awful life she must be living. Will is now a man and his response shows his maturity.

  3. I believe Janet Hubert’s comments regarding her experience while working with W. Smith
    during the tv show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    I preferred her as Aunt Viv rather than Daphne Reid.
    The only reason Daphne was selected is because she was a lighter complexion and would fit in better with the Banks family.

    Will Smith obviously HAS an ISSUE with darker skinned African Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Smith OWES Ms. Hubert and APOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. tedgravely on said:

    Great example Will. Keep it positive and show this woman love. She obviously struggles with the mistakes she made and no need to pile on. I wish Lee had a similar approach with Mo’Nique. Keep it classy!

  5. Guest on said:

    Will Smith is an awesome actor who demonstrates growth and maturity even when faced with the negativity and backlash from scorned actress Janet Hubert. He could have slammed her, but chose the high road – for that, much respect is given. If I were in his shoes, I would NEVER sign on to be in a show, movie or play with her again. She has truly damaged her own brand/gift. In Hollyweird, there’s no coming back from the angry black women syndrome…She will forever be known as the blacklisted no-longer-working angry chick who couldn’t accept the fact that she was not the Star Of the Show (Fresh Prince).

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