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It’s clear that James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) is spiraling out of control and has entered a new dark space, even more sinister than where he’s been for the past four seasons.

Of course we all know he’s going through a lot right now! He just recently buried his daughter Raina. Then his former subordinate, Dre (Rotimi) totally disrespects him at his daughter’s gravesite by walking up on him and indirectly telling him that he’s no longer the boss and running things. And, to make matters worse, he can’t seem to get in touch with his (former) boo, Angela Valdes (Lela Loren), who’s not answering nor returning his calls.

Could all of this be why, by the end of the episode, he decides to turn into the equalizer and takes on the problems of others, since he can’t handle his own?

In episode 2, “Damage Control”, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and James attend a grief counseling meeting at the church per Tasha’s request. Initially, James is against it and feels that sharing intimate details about their daughter’s death will only do more harm than good. After some convincing, Ghost agrees to go to this meeting with Tasha where they do no talking but a whole lot of listening.

At the meeting, there’s a couple who share their tragic story about the untimely death of their teenage son Luke, who was run down by a drunk driver. Luke’s father reveals to the group many details about the man who killed his son.

His name is Jeff, he buys liquor every day at the same liquor store and he’s still out there drinking and driving despite what happened to his son. And he has repeated thoughts of killing him.

By the end of the episode, Jeff is a goner and Ghost is the one who handles it.

Meanwhile, Dre is trying to keep things under control in his new leadership position. He’s not only calling the shots in his set but, he’s also deciding who should to step up to fill the new head position of the Toros Locos since Diaz is dead.

With two people in line for that spot, he decides that one of them has to go (meaning die) to avoid any further problems down the line. During a meeting with Cristobal (Matt Cedeno) and his boy 2-Bit (Michael J. Ferguson) Dre decides that it’s Lorenzo who should take that fall and orders the hit.

But, in 2-Bit’s desperation to become Dre’s second in command, he ignores the instructions for the hit, and takes matters into his own hands.

While out driving with Spanky (Omar Scroggins), he spots Lorenzo on the street. He pulls up on him, and then pulls out on him – killing him on sight.

Now Dre has to decide how he’s going to handle both 2-Bit and Spanky for not following orders. Cristobal seems to think the answer is death.

Dre needs to also figure out how to handle Diego Jiminez (Maurice Compte) because, ummm…. what in the weirdness is going on with him and his voyeurism fetish?

First, he has Dre stand in the room watching him while he has sex with this woman up against the window. Then, he later rewards Dre by ordering him to have sex with this same woman in the bathroom of the club. While Dre is the middle of doing his thing with her, in walks Diego who says it’s now his turn to watch.

Dre’s uncomfortable with the whole thing so he’s done and out the bathroom ASAP!

Aside from what’s going on in the bathroom, the Jiminez have other issues happening and may want to be careful since they’ve become the new target for Ghost, Kanan (50 Cent) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora).

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2 thoughts on “‘Power’ Season 5, Episode 2 Recap: “Out Of Control”

  1. Tyler mitchell on said:

    I LOVE these recaps sometimes shit happens fast and u miss it.

    There is a lot going on in this season from the jump! Writing in this show is supurb!!

    Power= Best show on TV PERIOD!!

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