Shaun King: What’s Happening At Our Border Is Despicable


What’s happening right now, this very moment, on America’s border between the United States and Mexico is genuinely one of the most despicable human rights violations in modern American history.

The head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission yesterday ordered the United States to stop the practice – saying it is not only violating the human rights of children and families by forcefully separating and detaining them, but that it is currently in violation of international treaties on the torture of children.

And let’s be clear – what’s going on right now is absolutely child abuse and torture. Let me explain for our listeners exactly what is happening because in our genuine emotion and frustration about it all, it seems like we might lack some clarity about what’s going on here.

At the border between the United States and Mexico, at several different legal entry points, immigrants from other nations that are seeking asylum, that is legal protection because of harm they are experiencing in their birth country, the United States is doing something illegal.

They are arresting and detaining men, women, and children that are seeking asylum. Let me clear – these are not Mexicans. These are families from thousands of miles away, from deep in Central and South America, from El Salvador or Honduras, that have traveled for weeks and even months to get to the United States to file a legal claim for asylum.

And in the Obama administration, when a single person or a family came to the border and claimed asylum, they would be allowed to enter the country while they processed their claim, and eventually went before a judge or review board that would make a decision.

As they always do, Donald Trump and his administration are now lying and saying that when they arrest these families and separate the parents from children, that they are simply following an Obama policy. This is not true.

This policy was completely and totally designed by the Trump administration. Even the few honest Republicans that remain are admitting this.

It is wicked, foul, gross, and inhumane to the worst degree. Doctors and medical experts say forcefully separating children from their parents and into detention centers is causing irreparable harm to the children.

Last week it was reported that after border patrol agents physically fought a father from Honduras as they took his children away and sent him to jail, he committed suicide in the local jail they sent him to. His name was Marco Antonio Munoz.

Yesterday a secret recording was released, the first of its kind, from inside one of the detention centers for children, we heard the cries and sobs and wails of young children, as young as 4 years old, screaming for their mothers and fathers, begging the guards to let them call their families – as guards literally mocked them. It’s unthinkable.

I said this on this past Thursday, but I must say it again – when Dr. King said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” I believe he had situations just like this in mind. This is a grave, gross, horrible injustice.

And I want you to understand that four different factors that affect us every single day are the same factors causing this human rights nightmare.

  1. At the root of what we’re seeing right now is white bigotry and white supremacy. White immigrants aren’t treated like this. Donald Trump’s mother was an immigrant. His first and third wives were immigrants. His children are children of immigrants. What we’re seeing at the border right now has everything to do with racism and bigotry.


  1. The second thing we are witnessing is the complete dehumanization of the victims. Before these children were ever sent to detention centers, Trump, for years, had been dehumanizing their parents as animals, as rapists, as murderers. This is a centuries old tactic. They do it with us daily. And it’s what allows them to oppress people without feeling bad about it.


  1. The third thing we are witnessing is mass incarceration. What we are seeing at the border right now is just another iteration of the mass incarceration crisis in this country. We lead the world in mass incarceration. No nation locks up more people than we do. In fact, no nation in the history of the world has locked up more people than we do – nearly 10 million people per year.


  1. The forth thing we are witnessing is the profiteering and privatization of mass incarceration. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and what we see right now is scores of private companies and contractors using this crisis to make more money. It’s an abomination. But we saw this during slavery. We saw this during the Holocaust. People in power are always willing to profit off of the misery and oppression of others.

In the days ahead I’ll be sharing some action items for us that we can all take. All I know is that we can’t be silent in the face of such horrors.

18 thoughts on “Shaun King: What’s Happening At Our Border Is Despicable

  1. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    Talcum-X where is your apology to the officer you falsely accused of raping the women for a DWI stop? You lying sack of white excrement

  2. October on said:

    They knew what they were doing. If they are allowed to stay, the black community better watch out. Employers will employee them at a much lower cost than any AA. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US!!! I’m all for legal immigration not come through the backdoor and demand inclusion.

  3. Melvin McElwee Sr on said:

    Brother King,

    I commend you on the advice of, “How one should conduct themselves when stopped by police?” It has worked in every situation to date for myself. I have been stopped numerous times over the last 36 years.

    However, I do believe the retraining of thoughts and processes will be a challenge in itself. I may have been fortunate to have received my training from 20 years of service in these United States of America’s Armed Forces.

    Thanks for sharing this thought with your listening audience.

    • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

      You do realize your being played by King, a white, yes, easy to confirm, race pimp. Making money off of faux outrage.

  4. These immigrants choose to gamble themselves and their children in this situation thinking America is this great nation with better opportunities. Only those on welfare and the top 2% is prospering while the other 98% are struggling daily to provide for their families. Why should America prioritize these people, coming here illegally, over the own people who’s struggling. Trump nor the Democratics party actually care about us, the 98%. They only react base on how it affects the vote.
    Would it be better if we let the families stay together but refuse to let them enter this country. That seems like a win-win. They get to keep their families together and the country and focus on social programs for Americans.

  5. E-DOG on said:

    Please be CAREFUL with the word slavery…Black people are the ONLY people that has been en-slaved in this country so don’t water that down by saying people at the border are some how being en-slaved ..they came here by choice ..Black people didn’t have a choice’s cruel but NOT slaves

    • CHARITY DELL on said:

      GENOCIDE and SLAVERY were instituted in the New World ever since the European conquest
      of the Americas, starting in the 1500’s. NATIVE and INDIGENOUS PEOPLES WERE ENSLAVED BY THE ENGLISH, FRENCH, DUTCH, PORTUGUESE and SPANISH “colonizers”
      in addition to AFRICANS brought to these shores through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
      White Irish women were TRAFFICKED to the United States at the same time the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was in full swing. Any time the government can arbitrarily snatch children away from their parents and send them to anyone and anywhere they decide, you better believe
      SLAVERY IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE UNITED STATES. This “zero tolerance policy” is
      but a cover for a ZERO TOLERANCE OF PEOPLE OF COLOR.

      • CiscoKid on said:

        Do some research on how black African Muslims affected the trans-atlantic slave trade – I DARE you.

  6. hoodtechie on said:

    Where were your comments when parents were sending their kids to the border to try and circumnavigate the system to get into the country? Where were your comments when barrack set up the policy that allowed these people to enter the country in this manner? Now you have something to say while you were silent when the obama administration were doing the same thing in holding these kids in camps. We are not fooled by the doctored photos that were taken while obama was in like many blacks can only pass judgment when trump is office but cannot lay blame to the obama policies that created this mess. Next time you comment on something try to be more objective and not subjective, you are dumbing down your readers even more than they already are.

      • CiscoKid on said:

        Shaun “Talcum X” King’s article is so full of confusion and misrepresentation, there isn’t enough room to refute all of it in a comment section. Open YOUR eyes and do your own research – I dare you! This is NOT a new problem. It has been going on since at least the Clinton administration. The 0bama Administration was sued for wrongful death by the Batista family because of what happened in a detention facility. Use Bing or Google or whatever search engine you prefer, and look up the reports about how children were treated in his detention facilities – if you dare. Glenn Beck and his listeners (myself included) donated millions of dollars to help those kids in 2014. What did you do to help, or did you even KNOW about it? Probably not, because all you cared about was 0bama’s skin. It didn’t matter what he did.

      • Grady White on said:

        MW, please provide empirical data to support your opinion. You can’t. However Cisco did, and he is dead right. Your Huggy Bear politics may sway your fellow playa’s at the local hangout, but it don’t play well here. Get to stepping

  7. Charity Dell on said:

    What we are witnessing here is THE WHOLESALE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF SLAVERY.

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