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Whoa! Here’s news from out of nowhere that’s making a lot of folks do a double take.

Gospel star Kirk Franklin revealed that his sister has been sentenced to 30 years in prison in Texas.

“My sister was just sentenced to 30 years in prison,” he wrote on Instagram. “I now feel the weight of wondering if I could have done more.”


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rough week..

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If you’re wondering just what it was that landed the Grammy winner’s sister behind bars, he isn’t saying. However, he has been open about his sister’s drug addiction in the past via his Patheos blog.

“For over ten years, my younger sister was incarcerated in a facility here in Texas. She was in love with a young man who was drug dealer,” Franklin said in 2015. “He introduced her to not only selling drugs, but using as well. When he was arrested for drug trafficking, she was arrested along with him. After she served her time, she was brought before the review board who determined she was ready to be released and brought back into society. The documents were signed and she was set free… but only on paper.”

He continued:

“After a few months back into the free world, it became obvious to me rather quickly that my sister was still in prison. It’s what they call being institutionalized. She quickly started using again, becoming very reckless with her body, which turned into her using it as a means to pay for her habit.”

It was then Franklin realized he needed to sit down the read the Bible.

“God has given us a tool which renews our thinking,” he said. “It reprograms us to receive everything that is ours. It shows us that we are heirs and joint heirs. It cuts down the weeds that have grown in our minds.”

After making the mind blowing announcement, his friends and followers offered him kind words and wanted to uplift him.

Pastor John Gray left this comment under Kirk’s post:

Jesus. She was your sister. But she was not your responsibility. You did as much as you could. And God knows you did. Don’t hold yourself hostage to the land of what if….you’re a great man. A great husband and father. And a loyal, loving committed brother. Love you man.

Comedian Sinbad replied to Pastor John’s comment,

“@realjohngray I love what you say my brother.”

One follower wrote:

“Praying for you and your family. @kirkfranklin”

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15 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin Reveals Sister Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

  1. E-DOG on said:

    if she is on drugs , selling her body , stealing to support her habit maybe Jail / prison might be saving her life .. i do prison ministry and many inmates tell me if it wasn’t for Jail / Prison they would be dead …Now maybe GOD can really reveal himself to her .. then maybe she will be set free from the drugs as well as the Prison…we need to pray fer her !!

  2. Jerome Shadwick on said:

    Everybody can’t be helped. They must help them selves. We must say Lord I need Help and mean it. God I surrender to your will.

  3. Sin is sin,sometimes come back 7 times stronger but In the name of JESUS….he has to flee.
    Keep lifting her in prayer. We don’t always know when but we have the assurance he will answer our prayers.

  4. Blackbeckie on said:

    nobody had to know about this plus w all the details. he said he went to god w this didnt it work. she still had a drug problem after she was first released; back in prison she won’t and i dont really need to know about u. Except for prison is she OK NOW. my comment is not posted

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