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When will bigots learn that having racist temper tantrums is not good in the era of social media? Your hate will be captured on video and your career or life could be deservedly  ruined. If you are going to work with other human beings, learn how to manage your prejudice so you don’t become a viral story.

A food cart owner  in Portland, Oregon was caught on camera assaulting a Black woman after she claimed he called her the n-word. Reportedly, he verbally and physically attacked her because she was paying in quarters instead of paper bills.

According to Willamette Week, Carlotta Washington was purchasing food at Small Pharaoh’s halal cart, owned by a man named Islam Elmasry. She says after she tried to pay for her lunch in quarters, Elmasry went ballistic and called her the n-word.

Watch the video below:

Washington also claims Elmasry sprayed her with Sriracha chili sauce, which was not captured on video. Washington told Willamette Week, “It was in my eyes and all on my skin. It was burning terribly.”

You can hear witnesses saying he assaulted her as she asks for someone to call the police.

Islam Elmasry was arrested and charged with misdemeanor harassment and assault.

Well, Elmasry’s days of being a food cart worker in Portland, Oregon may just be over. Just like Aaron Schlossberg, the racist lawyer in New York City who was kicked out of his office space and couldn’t walk the streets of Manhattan without being harassed, being a raging bigot does not pay.


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21 thoughts on “Video: Food Cart Worker Calls Black Woman The N-Word And Assaults Her

  1. E-DOG on said:

    it’s obvious to me that these nobody really fear what the black man will do if you assault his seems like its OK today to for white men to assault black women with NO recourse from black men…where are the black men in this community ? were there any present when this happened ?

  2. Biracial Human/Fellow American on said:

    These posts DISGUST me, and you all should be ashamed, using such hateful words & publicize and spread/encourage such Hate. How can you all call yourselves “_________ AMERICAN’S?!

  3. Kendall Meeks on said:

    Okay for me all comments about black and changed and about always bringing violence and creating trouble, it’s not true it all started with high maintenance white People, but now you got some lie maintenance white people who have a voice on social media but not in person. The terrorist in the United States are white People., the killers in the United States are white people, most rapists in the United States hell even agent orange himself can be thrown into this bunch. You are the most racists and undermined race to walk the earth. You Mother Fuckers have lied, cheated and stolen since coming to America and you still tried and claim it as your own. Sit your racist scared white ass down and shut the fuck up

    • SheCat54 on said:

      Thank you! I hope you are a brown skin man dating or married to a brown skin woman. This is so on POINT! Peckerwoods will never admit wrong to anything they have done and that’s all they have done. The world is so messed up because they are the ones FU*KING IT UP! there is no peace because of them. The only thing they are capable of doing is HATE! The hate I have for them is from the continuation of hate they have for brown skin people. They always say for us to go back to Africa. I want to know where we can send all you evil fuc*kups

  4. We are the ones who make them if we stop buying there food stop going in there stores and buying there weave hair stay out let them see how we stand together with this racist attitude attack and we Black Americans are making them rich stop it take your money to someone who appreciate you God is still in control

      • Ted Gravely on said:

        You don’t need weave. Rock the short style. Showcase and love your face. On a side note…… we won’t lose our women for hours on a weekend, because they have to get their weave “did.” 😂

    • Ginny on said:

      Some black people allowed other races to disrespect them and continue to send their money. The only way to get white folks and some of these folks who come from other countries attention is to stop spending your money. And why are black women buying all the weave.

  5. Chris Mason on said:

    Europeans have taught other races and ethnicities to hate us!! No surprise there and I know we can’t boycott every business because IMO, MOST businesses that aren’t black owned hate black Americans, look at Asians that sell the god awful weave!! You walk in their stores and they are playing friggin country music when NO hillbillies shops there at all!! Go figure!!!

      • MzMo on said:

        I would rather be a “beast” than commit suicide, or shoot up schools and kill innocent people..SMH your comments are wrong in EVERY way

      • Chris Mason on said:

        Pete, you dumb ass!! Who said anything about nation of Islam??!! We’re hated because WE are the Most High’s chosen one’s!! We are the most hated because we chose to disobey the Most High! Caucasians commit the most heinous of crimes! They are not only violent and kill with no conscience, they turn around and EAT their victims!! Now that’s what you call an animal!! You know nothing, you creep!

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    First, let me say that this was flat out racist and wrong. I agree with all the posts; black people should not frequent his stand and try to support the black food carts. After his utter disdain for that woman, how can you allow him to serve you food? Now for my second point; black people take your change and go to the bank. I’m not counting quarters, dimes, nickels nor pennies. Not happening and really not happening during peak hours. I wouldn’t call you the n – word, but I would point you to the door. All money ain’t good money. Now if something costs 99 cents, I’m in. But anything over .99 cents, get to stepping. Just my opinion.

  7. what now, on said:

    he doent represent islam.allah doesn’t teach arabs to be mean.those who are racist allah will never accept them never,it is ritten in the holy quran.
    real muslims follow the teaching,night and day,to all who respect them to become this evil way is not from the teaching.

    all ethinc groups have good and bad people in them.

  8. americanize on said:

    OK black people in Portland you have shut this business down,just in case you don,t know arabs or extremely racist they were in the slave trade a thousand yrs before the eroupeans.Its funny how they deal with racism on an individual basis,and think the problem is solve.Black America you have no friends.

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