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A Korean man who slapped his employee is pulling a Donald Trump by telling a blatant lie that he didn’t touch her, even though witnesses confirmed the assault and it’s on camera.

On Friday, May 18, at Doo’s Seafood in Snellville, Georgia, which is about 40 minutes outside of Atlanta, Markus Moultrie’s order was incorrect and he was issued a refund. The restaurant owner, who is Korean, blamed the Black female employee, Ju’nea Turner, for the wrong order, even after Moultrie made it clear it was the wife who made the mistake.

The co-owner Doo Lee and Turner began arguing while Moultrie was recording. Lee then pushed and slapped Turner, causing food to fly. You can not fully see the slap on camera, but other people in the restaurant confirmed he hit her. Watch the disturbing video below:

According to, Turned has now filed a warrant application and is seeking assault and battery charges against Lee. Turner said, “Me being a woman just trying to provide for my two, and I was assaulted. He grabbed me so hard that he bruised my breast. I’m still in so much pain now.”

Lee denies everything, saying, “I didn’t hit her, I didn’t slap her.” Who should we believe? Lee or our eyeballs that clearly saw an assault and the reaction from customers.

Lee clearly hit Turner and, although history tells us a Korean man could assault a Black woman on camera and there will be no repercussions, let’s hope Lee will pay for his actions.

Turner and Lee will have a hearing before a judge on June 13.


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14 thoughts on “Korean Boss Who Slapped Black Female Employee Facing Charges

  1. Leslie on said:

    I’m not sure how many of you here have seen the video from the store surveillance camera, but this man did NOT slap this young woman! Now don’t get me wrong, because he WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG in what he did do, which was to knock the styrofoam takeout box from her hands, and then he pushed her back on her left side, and he should definitely be facing charges for that but no, he did not slap her from what I saw in the second video, which shows them both uninterrupted in full-frame.

    • Terry Lynn on said:

      Leslie, you must be blind, racist or both. I was there and Lee did slap her and then told a bold face lie. Get your facts straight.

  2. Mac Daddy on said:

    Peeps didn’t the video of the dwi arrest earlier in the week teach you anything? Black women are liars. Period. No credibility

  3. newsdee on said:

    The “Me Too” movement hasn’t really applied to low waged working women. They are afraid of losing their jobs. On one local Atlanta radio, one worker called in to say that he does this often. This woman needs the money…..and I hope that she gets BIG money this time.

  4. ted gravely on said:

    Since all the customers and employees say so, okay. However, she has the restraint and faith of Job. I believe that – that woman if he truly smacked her would have smacked him back. I could be wrong, but I’m just saying. She never said anything, it was the camera man. Maybe I’m stereotyping, but that sister can defend herself. Just saying……..

    • Leslie on said:

      Those were my exact thoughts when I saw the first video, like…how did she just stand there and take that? But then I saw the second video, which shows that he did NOT slap her, but instead, he knocked the takeout box from her hand, and then kinda pushed her back…which STILL shocks me (that she didn’t retaliate). I guess we could chalk it up to her being young and maybe scared, but it couldn’t have been me! 😄

  5. Alice on said:

    Oh my goodness! I would have kicked that fool all over that little Eatery. I cannot believe he is going to stand there and tell a bold face lie when other employees and customers saw him slap the woman. He would still be trying to get up off the floor.

  6. So glad it was not me that the Korean slapped.
    Koreans have no RESPECT for people of color.
    All they want from us is our $$$ and those who purchase weave hair seem to have no problem giving their money to these turds.

    If the deed was caught on camera-HE CAN LIE ALL HE WANTS.


    I hope the female employee SUES his ass!!!!!!!!!!

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