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Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte is facing several malpractices for allegedly performing illegal cosmetic surgeries on patients. Her website lists her as an “artistic cosmetic surgeon and skin specialist,” however, she is a U.S. dermatologist, not a plastic surgeon.

The Liliburn, Georgia, doctor filmed herself creating “fake” music videos while patients were on the operating table. She’s danced her way into several malpractice lawsuits and has just settled a case after a patient reportedly suffered catastrophic brain damage while having a tummy tuck procedure, according to The Atlantic Journal-Constitution.

Icilma Cornelius, a 54-year-old bride-to-be, came to the doctor’s full-service office for Botox and another anti-wrinkle treatment. While she was there, the staff suggested she get a cosmetic procedure to give her a flat stomach for her big day. After eight hours in surgery, Cornelius’ heart stopped. The medical spa was not equipped to handle the emergency and had to call 911. Paramedics were able to get her heart going again; however, there were further complications.

The AJC reported that the paramedics couldn’t get Cornelius in the elevator, because the stretcher wouldn’t fit, so they had to take the stairs! There were also worried about potential infection from open incisions, so Boutte along with another employee sutured Cornelius’ skin. The length of time it took to get Cornelius to the hospital, her injuries were permanent: including brain damage due to a lack of oxygen.

Boutte has had several lawsuits that have settled for up to one million dollars. One patient reportedly was told she would be outpatient the same day and woke up in a hotel with a sandwich in her hand. Apparently, the sandwich had one bite taken out of it. An attorney involved with Boutte’s lawsuits claimed that the doctor routinely used unqualified staff, misled patients about the surgeries they would receive, and used an office that was not safe for her surgeries.

The doctor’s practice on Google Reviews has a 1.6 star rating. Some of the reviews include one from Regina Wigfall, who stated,

“Wow!! You guys really bamboozled me. Your clinic REPEATEDLY LIED about Lee Brown being a nurse!!! She herself told me she was a nurse! If I would’ve known she wasn’t & she was the one in the room during surgery, NO WAY in h*ll I would’ve had surgery there with her acting like a nurse. Now it makes sense why an office manager & Lee (not even a nurse) can do the SURGICAL consultations & do what Dr. Boutte or a real nurse should’ve done. It’s all about money & not accountability. It’s an assembly line. That’s why we wait HOURS for our appts each time we come in. False advertising on the website about being board certified in surgery?? I won’t even get into the fact that my BBL surgery & multiple revisions have made everything worse than it was before. Had to search for someone else to fix it.”


Lawsuits have raised questions about the validity of her staff, drawn attention to her lack of professionalism and more.

Georgia allows physicians to operate and it’s legal, even if they are not ‘board-certified surgeons.’ Whoa.

Make sure you do research on your doctor and have testimonials from past patients (and not just the internet), before you entrust any doctor with surgery.




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