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Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

Folks these days complain about frivolous things like getting their diploma one semester later than their peers — but imagine graduating college 70 years after your classmates.

96-year-old former U.S. Navy pilot, Bob Barger, shocked the world last week by finally snagging his associates degree in technical studies from the University of Toledo, a whole seventy years after his original graduating class. Reports say he’s the oldest graduate in the university’s history.

If you’re thinking 70 years doesn’t seem that long ago, check out these 5 things that were going on in 1948:

A gallon of gas cost 16 cents back then

A movie ticket was 60 cents

Ghandi was murdered

Apartheid began in South Africa

The game of Scrabble was introduced

Samuel L. Jackson was born

Congrats Bob Barger on living multiple lives in multiple lifetimes.


Monday Motivation: 96-Year Old Army Vet Proves It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams was originally published on globalgrind.com

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