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Tamar is back!  She finally shows up for her mother’s, Ms. Evelyn’s, surprise birthday celebration and Ms. E couldn’t be happier. The entire family is there to celebrate, all in one room, peacefully, for her day. But, just a couple steps away from everyone else is a family member who’s just hanging around and lingering outside in the hallway who wasn’t invited.

If you’re thinking it must be Vincent Herbert, then you’re right!

VINCE IS THERE TOO! What is really going on?  It seems Tamar asks Vince to join her at her mother’s party just in case she needs a little assistance with their son Logan. And she does. While Logan becomes a little too busy at the party, just as kids typically do, Tamar suggests that he goes to his father, and BOOM, there’s Vince. The cameraman catches a quick glimpse of him seated in the hallway – away from everybody else.

Not only is Vince seen chilling in the cut at Ms. E’s birthday party but, when the sisters and mommy go out to lunch a week later at Uncle Julio’s, Vince is there too!

Once again, he’s seen sitting over to the side, in a different location of the restaurant, with Logan.  The sad part is, it seems like little Logan is the only one willing to address anyone even though they’re all in the same building, under the same roof. Logan is able to walk by, while holding his dad’s hand, see his mom and aunts and wave hello to everyone at the table. His dad on the other hand, along with his aunts, mother and even grandmother, say nothing to one another.



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