Paulette Johnson

Most restaurants have a Monday lunch rush with different customers coming in and out trying to get a bite to eat. However, WFAA News reports that one Dallas restaurant shuts down on Monday’s to serve a specific clientele.

Paulette Johnson is the owner of the Trucker’s Cafe and her favorite thing to do is cook. Nothing brings her more joy than to serve others and Monday’s especially does it.

Every Monday, Johnson shuts her café down to feed the homeless and those in need of a hot meal.

“I just feel blessed that somebody is out here to care, people like us,” said Barbara Jameson a regular in the café on Mondays.

Johnson not only provides hot meals but she gives clean clothes, shoes, and toiletries to all who need it. Having grown up in a battered women’s shelter, Johnson knows what hardship is.

“I just thank God for waking me up, do what I do today. Because I know people out here struggling every day,” Johnson tearfully explained. “It’s still hard for me, but I’m just worried about everybody that I could help. It’s just me, and if I can help and put smiles on people’s face, that’s all I need.”

Running the restaurant on her own is no easy task. Johnson only spends money on things that she and her family needs so that she has enough to give back to people.

Trucker’s Cafe

Singer Capt. Jack Watson comes on Mondays to sing for all who dine there. He too knew the hardship of being homeless, he now travels with a band.

“Just hug them and inspire them and let them know, somebody up there still cares, still loves,” Watson said. “Never look down on anybody because you never know, the next day that person might be up, and I’m a living example.”


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(Source: WFAA News )

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