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Faith Christian Academy is a private school in Arvada, Colorado, which is right outside of Denver. The school has had reports of racism and when teacher Gregg Tucker, who had been teaching there for 17 years, tried to fix these issues, he was fired.

Allegedly, a teacher called a student “Blackie.” Another teacher wrote and shared an essay claiming “whites are the superior race.”  A white student told a Black student to “go back to the cotton fields” and a student allegedly wore a swastika to school. These racist incidents were reported from students, according to Denver7, an ABC affiliate. To properly address these issues, Gregg Tucker planned a day where students can discuss race and faith. He notified parents, even detailing who the speakers would be, which included former alumni. The day after, white tears were shed.

Denver7 reports, “A group of parents complained to board members, saying they were upset their students were exposed to terms like ‘white privilege,’ adding that talk of racism is ‘too political for a Christian school education.’” Too political but the Black students are experiencing blatant racism? That is a prime example of white privilege. Gregg Tucker was fired the next day.

In an open letter Tucker, wrote, “Having spent four years on the mission field in the Dominican Republic, being the father of a biracial family, and living in a diverse neighborhood in downtown Denver, the issue of racial reconciliation is deeply important to me.” He also added he felt the importance of addressing race at the school after, “we had a number of disturbing instances of racism here at the high school. While this isn’t the medium to share the details, they were blatant, unsettling, and had a profound impact on how many of our minority students were feeling at the school.”

He continued,” I soon realized that several students and parents were very upset with the chapel. They got the impression that the panel was trying to guilt and shame our white students and call them all racists and that there was some sort of political agenda behind it all. That was so completely NOT our desire. I understand that verbiage like ‘white privilege’ and ‘systemic bias’ can be loaded and that some families are going to disagree with the degree that these are perceived or actually present at our school and in our communities; however, the jump to sensing a desire to incur guilt and shame, claiming it was motivated by a political agenda, or that there were broad accusations of racism truly seem unfounded.”

The school denies he was fired for discussing race. Yeah, right. Make America great again.  Watch the news reports below:



(Source: Denver7 )

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5 thoughts on “Teacher Fought Back Against Racist At Christian School And Was Fired

  1. This is a whole lot of mess what is wrong with people knowing the truth about what is going on it is never going to go away .Just sad he got fired that just goes to show they hated the truth and they lie about what they would do.Because that teacher is still there that call that student blackie i bet just lairs.

  2. leadjustone on said:

    Not surprised at all! Many of these so called Christian schools were opened in response to the public schools getting to be a little too dark for comfort. In my hometown, the Christian school opened shortly after court ordered desegregation was upheld (after several appeals). The school opened in a predominantly white neighborhood. When the neighborhood began to change, they moved to a suburban galaxy far, far away! So much for “Love thy Neighbor”!

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    So I always say be smart and think differently. If the teacher didn’t protect himself, he is climbing upstream to prove he was fired after confronting racism. We need to think chess and not checkers. The school played chess and trapped his Queen. Now if he would have used strategy, he could have come out on top. For instance, did he take pictures of the student wearing the racist symbol? What about video or voice recording of the teachers using racist language? How about did he, at least one time put his concerns in writing to the School Officials? Did he host this event without the approval of the “private school?” The ultimate, who was co-signing and being “his” champion? If he did none of those things, he is out there literally swinging. I’m not condoning his dismissal, I’m just saying we might be on the same board, but understand the game you’re playing is chess – not checkers. He potentially lost 17 years with no safety net of retirement benefits. Who is he helping now? I hope that more than an article is written and he lands on his feet. His intentions were honorable.

  4. Serenity on said:

    I agree with you. Christians can be hypocrites. I admit to being one. I’ve sinned greatly and fallen short of the glory of God INNUMERABLE times. This should not stop believers from persisting in the faith and repenting. Likewise, non-believers still must seek out the truth for themselves and not simply justify themselves based on the actions of sinful Christians.
    Also, revisit what you yourself wrote, L.
    “Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be” (James 3:10).

  5. So called “Christians” ARE SOME OF THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t know what damn Bible they are reading-but it ain’t the same one I have read and followed!!!!!!

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