Oscar-winner Halle Berry often shares some of the workouts that keep her body in stellar shape, and as a diabetic, she also knows that a healthy diet is the biggest part of maintaining good health.

She recently shared a new #FitnessFriday post explaining how a ketogenic diet has helped to reverse her diabetes diagnosis and age backward.


As noted by Madame Noire, “the diet is a low-carb option that is high in fats and moderate in protein. Instead of burning carbs for energy, when in ketosis, your liver produces ketones, a byproduct of your body breaking down fats for energy, which end up being the main energy source. Ketogenic diets are known for their medical benefits, and have been used for many years to help treat drug-resistant epilepsy in children.”

More than 10 years ago, Berry reportedly revealed how she had gone from a Type 1 diagnosis to Type 2 after she moved away from insulin usage. She cited her diet and exercise for helping her control her diabetes.

“I’ve managed to wean myself off insulin,” she said, “so now I’d like to put myself in the type 2 category.”

Berry has spoken in the past about her love for this diet, saying she’s sworn by it for years.

“I swear by the ketogenic diet,” Berry said during a chat with Mamarazzi. “It’s simple. It’s no sugar, no carbs. And what you force your body to do is instead of burning sugar for fuel, you start burning healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, eggs. You start eating healthy fats. Butter can be a part of your diet. You just eat protein, nuts, legumes. You start teaching your body. Your body begins to burn fat instead of sugar and when you start burning fat, all the fat starts to melt away.”

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