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White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson speaks to reporters. 

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump‘s overall health “is excellent” and he did “exceedingly well” on cognitive screening designed to detect early signs of memory loss and other neurologic functions, the Navy doctor who performed Trump’s medical checkup said Tuesday.

Ronny Jackson had issued a blanket declaration that Trump was in “excellent health” after last Friday’s exam and promised to provide a fuller readout on Tuesday.

He reported that the 6-foot-3 (1.9-meter) president weighed in at 239 pounds (108 kilograms) — 3 pounds (1.36 kilograms) heavier than he was in September 2016, the last time Trump revealed his weight to the public.

Trump’s blood pressure was 122 over 74, and his total cholesterol was 223, which is higher than recommended.

Trump was 70 when he took office on Jan. 20, 2017, making him the oldest person ever elected to the presidency.

Trump’s heart exam was normal, with regular rhythm and no abnormal sounds, which Jackson said led him to conclude with confidence that Trump “has a very strong and a very probable possibility of making it completely through his presidency with no medical issues.” Trump has no heart disease.

The 71-year-old president performed “exceedingly well” on cognitive screening, which is not a standard exam for the checkup but which was requested by Trump. The doctor said he had “absolutely no concerns” about Trump’s cognitive abilities. He speculated that Trump requested the exam in an attempt to beat back the narrative of the past few weeks that he is mentally unfit for office.

“He’s very sharp. He’s very articulate when he speaks to me,” Jackson said. “I’ve never known him to repeat himself when he’s around me. I found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought process.”

Trump last revealed details about his health two months before the November 2016 election.

Trump’s cholesterol reading from Friday’s exam was borderline high even though he takes a low dose of the statin drug Crestor. Jackson said he would increase that dose in an effort to get Trump’s bad cholesterol, or LDL level, below 120; it currently is 143.

Trump’s body mass index, or BMI, of 29.9 puts him in the category of being overweight for his height. A BMI of 30 and over is considered obese.

Jackson said he prescribed a diet lower in fat and carbohydrates, and exercise. He’d like the president to lose 10 to 15 pounds (4.5 to 6.8 kilograms) over the next year.

Despite the diet and cholesterol concerns, Jackson stressed that Trump’s “cardiac health is excellent.” He passed a battery of heart exams including a stress test that Jackson said showed an above-average exercise capacity for a man of his age, despite some calcium buildup in his arteries. He also takes a low-dose aspirin for heart health.

Jackson said Trump has avoided some big heart risks — he’s never smoked and isn’t diabetic — and has no family history of heart problems.

Trump did not undergo a psychiatric exam, but he did undergo a cognitive screening test. Called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, it is designed to detect early signs of memory loss and other neurologic functions — and Trump had a perfect score, the doctor said.

Cognitive assessments aren’t routine in standard physicals, though they recently became covered in Medicare’s annual wellness visits for seniors.


AP Medical Writer Lauran Neergaard and Associated Press writer Darlene Superville contributed to this report.





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32 thoughts on “President Trump Is In Good Health, Says White House Physician

  1. Guest1 on said:

    He never drank because his brother Fred was an alcoholic and he watched him die of Cirrhosis of the liver. A lot of defective genes in that family. I still say he has Alzheimer’s/Dementia. Just like his father.

  2. Everybody look up the pic of 45 and a side pic of Colin Kaepernick, they’re comparing their weight and height. No way does 45 weigh 239 lbs. The pic is priceless. I bet jhuff won’t post that pic.

  3. Yeah cause no black politicians are in prison for lying and stealing
    and LBJ (D) used the “N” word constantly “I’ll have them n*ggers voting democrat for the next 2 hundred years

  4. So if Trump is classified as a “fat pig buffoon” would the other end of the spectrum be Obama was a skinny ass monkey swinging from trees and eating healthy bananas

  5. specialt757 on said:

    What’s cra-cra to me, but not unbelievable, people are putting their own professional careers on the line to protect him. This doctor said he was responsible for giving him meds that made his speech slurred, the meds he gave him dried his saliva so that’s what was wrong when he gave that speech, really?
    SN: You know white folks, especially the ones running the country, are notorious for lying to the public. F.D. Roosevelt was in a wheelchair his whole presidency (4 terms) and the people didn’t know for years, I don’t think some people know to this day. You can’t trust white folks, they are liars, they will lie, cheat, and steal with a grin on their faces. Ask the people who they did the Louisiana Purchase deal with, oh and the Native Americans.

    • Guest1 on said:

      Don’t forget that Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s while in office and not one word was said to the american people. People already knew something was wrong with him, you didn’t need a rocket scientist to figure it out. He couldn’t remember a damn thing. Fact.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Yep, sure was, that’s white folks for ya, always lying, not saying is the same as LYING. Especially, when he (Reagan) played a pivotal role in lives of so many. I guess we can thank Nancy for his shitty presidency, because he didn’t know wtf was going on.

  6. It’s the first time so much has been asked about a fake prez’s health. Seeing is believing. He’s a pig fat lard ass Buffon, who lies at least 5 times a day. There is definitely something wrong with his mental state.

  7. Guest1 on said:

    What a bunch of bullsh!t. Read between the lines. How can this fat @ss be in excellent health? He clearly is overweight as in obese by medical standards. He definitely weighs more than 239 lbs at 6’2″, not 6’3″. He is also defying gravity. As you age, you shrink, he seems to have grown an inch. What the doc failed to reveal was his BMI. But not necessary, as we can see that the orange one has an inner tube around his midsection. Another point, he is definitely NOT in excellent health when his bad cholesterol (LDL) is 143, and should be at 120, putting him at risk for heart disease, blood clots, strokes or a heart attack? Nothing healthy about those things. Not that I give a sh!t about his health, just proving the doc is putting a spin on this.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Yes, he is obese, they can spin it all they like, he shows up on screen as an obese, orange, racist f**k-up. If he weren’t the president, people would say he’s obese.

  8. OK Trump passes his Physical now lets get medical results for Nancy Polosi, Mad Maxine, Frederica (gap band) Wilson AKA the batsh!t crazy heifers of congress

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