Rev. Al Sharpton: What Should The Agenda Be For 2018?


It’s a new year and Rev. Al Sharpton is determined to get the year started right by reminding us why we need to keep fighting.

“I would hope that one of the things that we do in the new year is take a look at where we are,” explained Sharpton.

This year will be the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. and Sharpton asks, “Where are we a half-century later?”

“Many of the things that he fought and died for,” explained Sharpton has been, “is jeopardized by this current climate.”

Sharpton encourages us to, “look at the legislation and the policies that are being threatened and rolled back.”

“You may have been drunk coming in but you need to be sober in the New Year,” expressed Sharpton.

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4 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: What Should The Agenda Be For 2018?

  1. Mary Williams on said:

    The demon of discriminatory practices of “Redlining” black families from owning a home; Gerrymandering to keep black Americans from the strength that we are and how reparations for such discriminatory practice of holding back financial duties from Black Americans; and even if any Native Americans, whites, Chinese which also were limited by the financial institutions who held us back from our due diligence for centuries.

  2. D*–I totally agree!!!!
    2018’s Mid term elections will be just as important if not more so than the presidential election in 2020.

    A lot of the THUGLICAN’s that have Congressional and Senate seats-may just be in for A RUDE AWAKENING!!!!!!!!!!!

    This also includes some of the Democrats-who seem to be STUCK ON STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have seen the difference OUR VOTES make –(Alabama)-so this can be done
    across the board if we all get UP/get OUT and VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is always STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE JUST GOTTA STAY WOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The agenda better be for us to get off our asses and go vote in nov. let’s flip the house and throw the thugs out!! Republuthugs

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