We all know about our favorite singing competition shows like American IdolThe Voice and America’s Got Talent but there’s a new show on the block with a completely new format sure to have you watching.

Fox has a new show called The Four: Battle For Stardom that features four aspiring artists who battle it out to keep their seats.

Alexis Boyd aka Lex Lu is one of the finalists on the show who can’t believe the opportunity she’s been given through this show. “It’s a crazy show but I’m happy to be on it,” explained Lu. “It’s like a battle every single time, like a gladiator battle.”

Diddy, Charlie Walk, DJ Khaled and Meghan Trainor are the four judges featured on this show.

This show is different because it breaks the boundaries of traditional singing shows allowing both singers and rappers.

“This is uncharted territory, you know this is really amazing that Fox was able to say, ‘we know we see where music is going,'” explained Lu.


“As a rapper, we get to remix songs and write our own lyrics,” said Lu. “The singers sing covers of songs so I do 10 times more work and in a small amount of time because I have to write my own songs.  I get to prove myself as a rapper, as an artist, as a songwriter as well.”

Be sure to catch The Four: Battle For Stardom premiering next Thursday, January 4!

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