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Clive Davis and Pat Houston Present 'Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances' Special On SiriusXM's Heart & Soul Channel

Source: Andrew Toth / Getty

Pat Houston gave fans some insight into Whitney Houston‘s final days, including a conversation they had a few days before her untimely death. Pat visited TV One’s Sister Circle where she revealed managing Whitney’s personal life was difficult, but she was there to bring peace. “We came to the conclusion that I was there to ease the pain that her spirit needed,” she said. “She knew that before she passed.”

Pat also revealed Whitney struggled with the public’s judgment of her. “She was like a little girl. I said Whitney, ‘Only God can judge you at the appointed time.’”

Watch the clip, below:

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Pat Houston Says Whitney Houston Struggled With Being Judged was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

5 thoughts on “Pat Houston Says Whitney Houston Struggled With Being Judged

  1. I really don’t like Pat, I think she could have did more to save Bobbie Kristina.. After looking at the reality show. I just don’t care much for her.

  2. Maybe if Whitney Houston had remained True to herself and her relationship with Robyn Crawford,
    things may have been different.

    Her marriage to alcoholic/druggie, Bobby Brown DID NOT HELP Whitney at all-IT SIMPLY ENABLED HER TO DO DRUGS ALONG WITH HIM.

    So sad, how this woman’s life ended
    Such a beautiful Voice, silenced.

    Just goes to show, the only ONE WHO IS QUALIFIED TO JUDGE US IS NOT ANY OTHER HUMAN-BUT GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Her SO CALLED FRIENDS killed her…they knew her issues and hid it …If you TRULY love some -one you never sit back and watch them destroy themselves… SAD !!!! Whitney needed a strong person to help her …a strong friend NOT afraid of her and her money !!!

    • She had a strong friend in Robyn Crawford. However, Cissy Houston and Bobby Brown forced Robyn out of Whitney’s life. Cissy hated Robyn because she is a lesbian; Bobby hated her because she was more “man” than was he. Robyn was the first person to inform Cissy about Whitney’s addiction.

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