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Bad boy in supermarket

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One holiday toy for children might be a joy to them, but a pain for sensible adults.

The Pony Up Daddy is a “saddle” that kids can strap to the backs of adults. Then, they can ride them like a pony. Sounds exciting?

Check out the commercial below.

Could be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Most of the reviews for the toy have been positive, but some folks have mixed reactions.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “It’s great, my back not so much.”

Another reviewer joked, “Got this for the wife for Christmas. Whip, collars, and knee pads sold separately.”

What do you think? Another item on the Christmas list or nah?

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One thought on “Is The ‘Pony Up Daddy’ Toy A Treat For Kids Or A Nightmare For Parents?

  1. Haaa! This is crazy! So we pay to ride our parents backs? Omg!! Americans will buy anything!! Well I did free of charge w/o a gadget. My girls and little cousins were smart enough to hold on tight! What a joke!!! Was this on Shark Tank? I can’t stop laughing. Did u make someone rich today??? Still laughing!!!

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