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10 thoughts on “Holy Grounds! The Brown Boyz Ft. Shawn McLemore’s ‘I Found All’ vs Half Mile Home’s ‘This Far’

  1. Will Freshour on said:

    How do I vote -both amazing. I liked the background of one and the followed along on the other.. Just like karate tournaments there must be an execution of a design not an execution of an individual but a method of tactic or art chosen to defend on coming? Out going?
    There was jesus but one was love the other is never leave us. I don’t understand (country to Nintendo). I like both real and outer/inner? existence.

  2. Both great songs but however I’m more of a contemporary gospel guy so i had to go with the brown boyz and my bot showed up no problems i don’t know what happens with the other person.

  3. Both these song’s are good song’s. Half Mile Home ever is something new and refreshing and this is the reason your getting my vote on this one. Kepp up the great work fellas. God Bless

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