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When retirement is on the horizon, ideas of travel, spending time with family and hobbies instantly come to mind. All that free time to do whatever you want, whenever you want. This often a happy time in one’s life.

Dr. Lynda Jones-Mubarak a retired teacher of special education and U.S. Army Veteran has made a partnership with the Community Food Bank in Fort Worth, TX that provides food, resources, and education.

Dr. Mubarak has a new children’s book called Carver Park which she will donate 15% of all proceeds to the food bank. Read the story from Black News.

Black News reports:

Carver Park is an area that was designated for African-Americans when segregation prevailed as law and as a dominant force in social life in Waco, Texas. Dr. Mubarak recounts her times in Carver Park and gives readers a perspective of one child who found the vibrancy of life through the harshness of society’s circumstances during that time. The storyline affirms that choice people in our lives provide us with the knowledge and support needed to learn, survive, and progress during a time of great social unrest and historical change, similar to what many marginalized communities may be facing today.

What is especially important about the collaboration between Dr. Mubarak and Community Food Bank is the subtle reminder that one person can make a difference, even in the most modest of ways. Being a champion of early literacy initiatives and tackling hunger in the community in which one lives is a true blueprint for happier, safer, and more vibrant communities

It’s an amazing thing when someone can do something to help the community that they are in. Dr. Mubarak proves that you can feed the hungry with books. For more information on Dr. Mubarak’s partnership with the Community Food Bank head over to And to buy Carver Park go to

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