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Frustrated mother rubbing her temples

“Where slavery is there liberty cannot be, and where liberty is there, slavery cannot be.”

The great Abraham Lincoln tried putting liberty and slavery into a simple and asynchronous relationship for us, but how far have we really progressed in achieving the liberty we Americans like to speak so proudly about?

Did you know that the imprisonment rate for African American women is twice that of white women? Additionally, African Americans are incarcerated at a rate that is about 6 times that of white Americans.

We may not have digressed too far from older times as these statistics depict a reminiscent of a culturally honed racial prejudice that is a part of the social construct of the modern America we find ourselves in today.

Here are the four common problems faced by African Americans today:

1. Lack of family structure: According to a 2002 study, 70% of all African American children were illegitimate and that number rose from 23.6% back in 1963 because that was the year when welfare became a right according to the constitution, which made having husbands redundant. Too many African American families grow up without a father figure in the house which often leads to psychological issues later in life.

2. Dangerous cities have high African American Populations: Dangerous cities like Oakland, Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit where gang violence and crime is an everyday occurrence has a high population of African American people who live under the government of democrats.

3. High abortion rates: It is estimated that 30% of all abortions in the country are done by African American women. This heightened loss of uncounted lives percolates to reduce respect for life and has played its role in decreasing civility with which people treat each other.

4. The victim mindset: Nothing holds an African American back more than seeing themselves as a victim who sees everything as someone else’s fault without taking the deserved responsibility to such a significant degree that their victim status becomes their collective identity.

5. African Americans make a sizable portion of prisoners: Studies infer that 52% of homicides are committed by African American individuals. Due to this high incarceration rate, every 1 in 9 African American children you pass on the sidewalk may have or might have had a parent in prison. Due to the greater likelihood of African Americans being incarcerated, their social upbringing and family support has taken the toll.

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33 thoughts on “5 Common Problems Faced By African Americans Today

  1. This has to be the work of trolls. No race-baiting, dog-whistling politician could get away with this degree of disingenuous–wait, I forgot. It’s 2018. Yeah, but to conclude: what a bunch of gaslighting racist bullshit packaged as “self-empowerment.” Who actually runs and funds this website?

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        You are so correct. However, if Blacks want the freedom and equality we so fervently aspire, then it will NEVER happen while living out of someone else’s pockets. We can loudly sing, “We Shall Overcome” until doomsday and march until our toes fall off, but debt will continue to be our worst enemy.

    • An angry black teen on said:

      Michael Middleton How forced us aka black people into this county “White people” and I think oi don’t know that this county is based on immigrants black women are no different then white woman just white women have more opportunities while black women have o work they’re ass off to get to there level you’re comment is basically explaining white privilege and if black people have to work to death to get to y’all level of success now that is bullshit

      • African American Woman on said:

        I ope you really are a teen because then you still have time to re-write that “woe is poor black me; I can’t ever be nothing because the white man won’t let me” script that somebody drilled into your brain. If we all had this defeatist mindset, there would be no accomplished, successful black people and there’s MANY of us. That blame the white man because I don’t want to be responsible for my own life is bs that defeatist black folk put in your head to ensure that you don’t rise up and you end up proving their bs point.

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        Sometimes we have to learn to work with what we have. I didn’t have much but I put it to good use. Sacrificing and shedding off immediate gratification is the key.

    • Melbra Springer on said:

      Yes. DEUTERONOMY 28.Says it all.
      History repeats itself.
      Most won’t hear.
      HASHEM says so.
      We need to REPENT.
      The Kingdom of G-d is HERE! NOW!

  2. hoodtechie on said:

    this article is right on’s just our black people are living in denial an unable or won’t face the facts.truth is everything printed in this article is correct and until we face the facts our heads will continue to be buried in the sand of reality.

  3. Negative article. Actually a misleading article as it sees Black people as the SOLE reason for our singular predicament. It discounts that CENTURIES of GOVERNMENT sanctioned repression which by design solidly placed us at the bottom of the capitalism pile. I reject this piece of trash masquerading as journalism

    • Almalita T Wright on said:

      This is a trash ass article. You deliberately neglected to mention the oppresor. We have to deal with him too.

  4. Isabella Kafer on said:

    I believe people are responsible for their own destiny. No one what so ever needs to be Blaine the “White Man” that is not necessary. All U.S citizens living in the United States are obligated to get equal public education BY LAW! i can not even read these comments blaming the white man! Yes incidences have occurred in the past. Police officers killing black children and such. Yes, this is terrible. BUT you can not claim the white man as you are saying all white men and women! Are responsible. You are responsible for your own one’s self and your children. its time to stop blaming skin color and races. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Everyone has the chance to make their life better its just the fact of opinion if they will do anything about it. STOP BL AIMING PEOPLE OTHER THAN Yourself! It’s absolutely sad the racial divide. I say get the hell over it. There is only one race and that is the Human race!

  5. African American Woman on said:

    People, you do realize that this article was posted on BAW, right??? I don’t blame all of anyone for their plight in life; rich, poor, in-between, ect…it didn’t happen in a vacuum…Society, policies, etc. affect different segments of each population strata in various ways, however, some of these points are somewhat in our control…Anyone who dismisses each and every point is in la la land. If you can’t see there is a common trend of certain dysfunctions in the black community, then you are either willfully blind or you don’t want to deal with what’s right in front of your faces…What we don’t face, we can’t fix…Please stop bringing up what white people do; its totally worthless on this board and it also shows the poster’s inability to remain focused and to intelligently ponder what’s being said.

    • Tess Moraa on said:

      Would be nice to have people who understand moral value in the black community to not only teach it to the younger generation but to also live by it. It could change some things.

  6. Why is it you don’t hear anything about the ponzi scheming, pedophile, serial killing, blowing up the building, shooting up the school, private doctor abortion having, kill their children cause i was depressed, taking all the prescription meds, doing all the heroin, don’t hire blacks or rent to blacks, higher interest rates to get a house or try to start a business white people?

    • Isabella Kafer on said:

      It’s not bias its fact. They proved it. This article is not an offence. You may have been part of the 30% of people who were brought up in good homes. But where I live this article proves all that right!

    • Yep. Blk ppl aren’t totally responsible for the plight which we live in. The white man has constantly put barriers up in front of us. Yes I’m blaming the white man who have all of the power. If you have been incarcerated u are banned for life from receiving a good paying job.

      • “Banned for life from receiving a good paying job?” I know for a fact that this is a lie. I man I know spent 15 years in prison for four counts of armed robbery. He got a job three months after getting released, never been without a job since and makes a good living. It’s been forty years since he was released. He took responsibility for his crimes, didn’t blame white supremacist or anyone else for his actions. He lives a good life, still enjoys his job and is looking forward to enjoying his retirement. He’s just one example. Barriers can be put up, but your lack of strength and character is what keeps you from breaking through. Keep making excuses and that is exactly where you’ll stay. Crouched behind a barrier.

      • Isabella Kafer on said:

        How does the white man have all the power. We just had a black president! And what you are saying is that all white men are terrible people. Everyone has equal rights and chances its just whether someone will do something about it. Are you expected things to be handed to you? Because they wont! you actually have to work for them. I’m a proud black woman and it pains me to say this!

      • I’m a white individual with a black boss who is very successful because he made his life successful through hard work and we’ve had many discussions about all walks of life and ones failures are simply because of the individual. If you want a better life then go out and achieve it instead of blaming others, and teach your children that the change starts with their own self worth

    • Isabella Kafer on said:

      There is no such thing as white supremacy in 2018 maybe in the past but not now. People need to quit being lazy and get up off their ass and do something about this world! Stop blaming people other than whats really happening.

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        I was raised by a single parent in the housing project on Government assistance without knowing my father. I decided to finish high school and worked for companies that paid (reimbursement programs) for my bachelor and graduate degrees. I endured the bigotry enough to become a high paid professional. My wife and children became a professionals as well. We as Blacks can make proactive choices even through tough and seemingly unbearable obstacles. My obstacles were White folks, Black folks, family and so called friends. However, I was determined to free myself from sickness of these people. And now, I live debt-free and don’t have to put up with any of their garbage.

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