Lil Mo took her boxer husband Dynamite KO to Couples Court to get to the bottom of his alleged infidelities.

Dynamite KO was accused of cheating on the Love & Hip Hop star in screenshots, that hit the Internet, showing alleged raunchy conversations with another woman. Despite the rumors, Mo and Dynamite KO were going strong and put their marriage on reality TV.

Mo and KO appeared on the celebrity edition of Couples Court and spilled all the tea. According to Mo, this is her third marriage and his first, so she rather nip whatever affairs in the butt before  it is too far gone.

Watch below:



6 thoughts on “Lil Mo Took Her Husband To ‘Couples Court’ To Find Out If He Was Cheating

    • QuietStorm on said:

      Really, Dr. Larry, because Caucasian women can act a straight donkey on the reality tv shows that they are on as well. So please let’s be fair about what you u say. True, AA women don’t always carry themselves in the best light, but they aren’t the only ones.

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