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R. Kelly is being accused of bullying an autistic fan into singing one of his songs, then mocking his performance by accusing him of being high on Percocet.

According to TMZ, Lenny Felix, 27, ran into Kelly outside of a Hollywood nightclub. In video Kelly shot and posted, Felix appeared star struck, and the singer and his crew responded by baiting Lenny into singing, “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Instead of expressing some form of gratitude, Kelly looked into the camera and mockingly sang, “I believe that you high … smoking on that Percocet.” That was followed by a burst of laughter from Kelly’s crew.

Watch below:

Lenny’s family was shocked and feel he was victimized, telling TMZ that Lenny’s reaction to the footage was, “I don’t want him to think I’m dumb. Do you think he was making fun of me?”

His mother is heartbroken, and says the family has met with an attorney, according to TMZ.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s camp removed the video of Lenny from his social media and the singer has since posted a video saying the allegations of him “making fun of people with autism” are “not true.”

He says he and his crew were “tipsy” when they ran into Lenny at about 2 a.m. outside of the club, “coming up to me like a fan.”

“He didn’t look like he had autism to me at all. I apologize to him if he did,” Kelly said.

Watch Part 1 and 2 of Kelly’s response below:

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📢📢📢 (part II in next post)

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📢 (part II – see previous post for part I)

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3 thoughts on “R. Kelly Denies Claims Of Mocking Autistic Fans

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    It is very easy to denigrate this man because of his reputation with mistreating and abusing women and mostly young girls, however that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have good intentions with this fan. Yes, he made fun of the man, however it seemed that it was all in fun. I don’t believe that he was making fun of this man because he is Autistic. I believe that he was having fun with a man who happened to be Autistic. It is so easy to get into the mode of the moment and later realize that a mistake was made. But because of technology and social media, things get blown WAY out of proportion!!! Or in this case, maybe R Kelly went a little too far in his playfulness. I choose to believe that it was all in fun and we have made more out of it than necessary, which is typical!

  2. Haven’t seen the video, and I don’t support this nasty pedophile anyway, but as a mom of two kids with Autism, him doing something like this just adds to his disgusting as*hole persona. And for him to say he came running up to him “like a fan”, and that he didn’t “look” like he had Autism, but he apologizes “…if he does”, is just as ignorant and detached from reality as he always seems to be. He WAS a fan, having Autism doesn’t affect his ability to be a fan, and for him to question him not “looking” like he has Autism, as if Autism is somehow a look, and then ending with “IF” he does makes that half-as* apology no more than a slap in the face. R. Kelly is a filthy denigrate who will at some point get exactly what’s coming to him…

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