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A recent ad featuring a Black J. Crew model with what many perceived as unkempt hair has generated a response from both the model and J. Crew.


J. Crew also responded, apologizing for the ad.


J.Crew caught the wrath from Black Twitter after a series of pictures it used for its website, featuring a Black model’s hair disaster.

Is this what J.Crew thinks it means to be natural?

The clothing brand recently used pictures of a model wearing one of its sweater dresses that has Black Twitter talking. While the goal of any ad is to sell the product, it’s the model’s hair that is catching everyone’s attention.

From the looks of the picture below, J.Crew’s styling didn’t even attempt to do the Black model’s hair before photographing her. The result was a high and tiny bun with unlaid edges. The look was not received well.


Twitter had some thoughts and concerns on the matter–some users even offered solutions! But the general consensus is that J.Crew got these pictures wrong.







This model isn’t even the only victim! The lack of style seems to be part of J.Crew’s current aesthetic for their models.

As of press time, the item is nowhere to be found on J.Crew’s website. There’s no sign of it in a search on the website itself, but Google came through with a direct link. According to the website, the dress is no longer in stock because it has sold out. That said, it definitely looks like J.Crew yanked this piece from their website because they caught so much heat.

This leaves us with the question: Did the dress actually sell out, or did J.Crew pull the item from its website until it can get a different picture up?


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7 thoughts on “J.Crew Apologizes For Ad With Uncombed Black Model’s Hair

  1. I have seen worse, and in this day and time we wear our hair all kinds of crazy ways, I am no exception. But, But, I do know you would not have taken my picture with my hair looking crazy and I know it. oh hell naw…..there is natural and then there is unkept, this was unkept. #needadoover #checkyahself #naturalvsunkept….

  2. Listen y’all, please read the comments made by the model. The ad was for casual clothing, but she explains it better. She’s not upset about it.
    Frankly, neither am I. I was at a mall this weekend and I saw all these people with hairstyles I couldn’t believe they left the house with. I couldn’t imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that and saying to myself, “yep good enough”. Nope not me. But this seems to be the “accepting” not to be confused with “excepting” practice, especially among the “millennials”. So if they aren’t mad, I’m not mad. Everything is not worth a fight.

  3. This is really bad. Do they really want black people looking like this advertising their clothes? I don’t get it. I do have another observation. Did the model know she was looking like this when they photographed her? I would think black models bring some of their own products on set because they know they aren’t going to be styled right or treated fairly. I definitely would have checked how I looked and tried to get my hair together before going in front of the cameras. I’m not blaming her, but I wonder if she had time to check how she looked beforehand.

  4. This should not be any surprise from J. Crew.

    J Crew knew exactly what it was doing by allowing their only model of color to look
    like trash.

    No doubt, it’s what they think of ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR!!!!!!!

    F–k J CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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