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Kenya Moore finally got married, but her Real Housewives Of Atlanta co-stars and the internet aren’t buying it.

People believe that her marriage was fake and set up to add more drama to the show, but Moore jumped onto social media to shut the haters down.

On Instagram, the former Miss America posted a video of herself in her wedding dress on the beach dancing to the song Drunk In Love. Her caption thanked everyone for supporting the show and then dived into the privacy she took for her wedding.


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(Source: BET)

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

9 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Heated Over Followers Response To Her Husband

  1. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Kenya you are a faux-bride AND it’s obvious- Where are the wedding party pics? Where are your guests? Their pictures? Where is the picture of the cake? The venue? All you showed was your total lack of class- rolling around drunk in the sand with a FAKE husband. How much did you pay him?

  2. specialt757 on said:

    “why don’t you sign up for some white show or at least go kill yourself. ” I vote for the latter. Far as his egg & sperm donors are concerned, they’re siblings, and so are their parents, he never stood a chance.

  3. Chastity on said:

    I definitely do not believe she is married. Her entire story line has been nothing but a farce since the day she started on the show. She found a man who was willing to lie with her and concocted this whole “marriage” lie. She is pretending to be married because NeNe made the comment that she should not be on the show because she is not and has never been married. It is funny how Kenya called Phaedra and Porsha liars during the last reunion considering that is all she has done. Andy Cohen really needs to take her peach from her. She is evil, a liar and boring.

  4. DennyWhite on said:

    “My marriage is sacred to me and my My Aunt Lori, Brandon, my sister Lisa and best friend of 30 years all attended for my side?” That’s two people, too many! Kenya, either learn to write or let someone write your lies for you. This sounds like you’re promoting a movie and wearing that dress is part of a scene I believe we saw in RHOA about two seasons ago. Get a life, please!!

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