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9 thoughts on “Holy Grounds! Red Hands’ ‘Your Will’ vs Gl’s ‘We Win’

  1. Brenda T Coleman on said:

    “We Win” is Anointed and witness
    to where you are and what you are
    going through. I Christ, No Matter
    What It Looks Like, “We Win”.

  2. Preston Wade on said:

    Red Hands is true MINISTRY MUSIC… It allows me to present Jesus Culture Introduction Music to non-believers…
    The Groove on “Your Will” is dead on Commercial but Christian with that Urban “Hey Bruh…, who’s that?!” Sound!!!

  3. LaVerne Thomas on said:

    “We win”, just brings such an uplifting feeling over you. I find this in many of their songs!! You cant help but sing along because we will win!!

  4. Tammy Wilkins on said:

    We Win is a very anointed arrangement delivered by three of the most talented and gifted young men out today. GI’s music is a blessing to many!!!

  5. Out the gate, the beat to ‘Your Will’ grabs you, then the words speak to your heart…becasue there is no greater place than the will of God.

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