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Two Indianapolis students are recovering after eating cocaine laced candy given to them by a classmate.

The boys ate Pop Rocks when parents of the boys told Fox News that the boys complained of weakness and numbness after eating it on November 1, 2017.

“My son was like unresponsive to me, weak in the legs, he couldn’t walk,” says Yolanda Washington. Her son is a 7th grader at the Indiana College Preparatory School.

“His legs were hurting. He told me he couldn’t breathe. I freaked out. I immediately told the school to call the ambulance,” Washington said.

Cathy Glass the mother of the other boy explained that her son’s mouth was numb for over 30 minutes and that “He got dizzy.”

At the hospital, both boys tested positive for cocaine, and the mothers want to know how the student that gave their sons the candy got in contact with the substance.

“Somebody needs to be responsible, maybe the parent of the child who gave it, “Washington explained. “It had to come from somewhere.”

The school confirmed the incident and has said that it would take better steps in the future in dealing with issues like this through training. For now, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are doing an investigation.

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(Source: Fox News)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock Images)