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A Georgia father has gone viral after video shot by his girlfriend shows him consoling his son through a universal parenting moment: getting your child’s first shots.  That is happened on the day his own father died makes the video even more poignant. reports:

Antwon Lee of Warrenton, Georgia, took his newborn son, Debias King, to the pediatrician on October 26 to get his immunization shots. But Lee says he was incredibly nervous about the appointment because he knew his little man was not going to be happy.

“I felt kind of scared a little bit, I knew he was going to go through some pain,” Lee, 29, tells PEOPLE. “I had to figure out a way to comfort him, and the day before, I talked to him and said if he needed to cry, go ahead and cry. That morning when we got there, and I let him know again it was okay to cry.”

Lee’s own father, Anthony Lee, 57 had died the same day from what reported as ‘complications from drinking.”

Antwon told he hopes the viral success of the video inspires other fathers to be present for their children.

“I want them to take care of their kids, because when you sign up for something, you have to stick with it, you gotta go,” he says. “My son is here, I’m signed up for it, and I have a beautiful mom for my child, and I’m going to be with him to the day I die.”

Watch below:

PHOTOS: Lee Family

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17 thoughts on “Father Goes Viral Consoling Son Getting Shots On Same Day His Own Dad Dies

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I can agree with you Leslie & mssensible. When parents bring their kids in to get shots, they know beforehand they are getting shots. It’s the parent’s responsibility to do the research and say “no” on the ones they don’t believe their child needs. The pharmaceutical companies are the “pushers” of these drugs, that’s how they make their dough, and most parents don’t know they have an option. I would advise, as you did, do your homework. They always asked me if I know about a new drug that help prevent this and that and I may say yes or no and they always give me the literature and I read up on through various sources and I sometimes ask others what their experiences were. Unless it’s something that’s required for school, you don’t have to agree to the shot.

  2. Yeah be there for your kids and marry the mother. If she’s good enough for you to get pregnant she should be good enough to be your wife. Black men step up!

  3. Love him through the hurt dad…. and please PLEASE break up those shots next time. DO NOT allow that young king to continue receiving multiple doses at once, space them out! More black kids, especially male are born healthy, receive these multiple doses and diagnosed with autism by the age of 24 months! It maybe theory to some but why ignore the facts and risk your child!!!

    • Leslie on said:

      Yes mssensible! You and I were thinking the same thing. I have children who have suffered through vaccine injuries, and despite what ‘Big Pharma’ would have us to believe, it is a very real, and not so very uncommon thing. I wish we’d broken my kids’ MMR vaccines up into three separate parts. Even though a lot of pediatricians aren’t willing to separate them, we as parents have to be willing to search until you find one that will. We also have to stop relying on the way that physicians and nurses just push these shots off on our kids without giving us time to even take a breath to ask a question. We’ve got to better educate and inform ourselves for our kids sake; their health and well-being for life could very-well depend upon it. My son was recently due for a booster, and when the nurse came into the room, she had an entire tray of vaccines that she had drawn up without consulting me first, and they were NOT mandatory. I politely inform her that “No, we do not do Gardasil, etc.”, and she seemed a bit frustrated at having drawn them up, only to have me reject them, but I simply reminded her that had she taken the time to sit down and consult with me first, instead of her first intro being a tray full of syringes, then she wouldn’t have wasted those meds…her bad, not mine.🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. This is what main stream media needs to show…positive images of black men. Our men love, support, protect, defend, and nurture their children too. Time to change the negative portrayal of our beautiful black father. Hey this video could be a commercial for Kaiser or BlueCross BlueShield ya know?! Im just sayin.

    • Passing Through! on said:

      Preach Gayle! The media is too busy brainwashing AmeriKKKa with black on black crime stories. For every shooting in Chicago there are a hundred stories like this that goes unnoticed, untold. This brother is taking his son to his first doctor’s appointment being a nurturer and a care giver. I wish we could have more stories like this.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Hahaha Oh Lord I know man, c’mon man, I know they did you wrong hahahaha. That talk in the beginning meant nothing after he (the baby) felt that first needle hahaha. What a cute video. I loved it.

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