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Folks are still baffled that singer/actress Brandy still appears to be pregnant, but keeps insisting she isn’t.

So just what the heck is really going on? We have to ask if she isn’t, why does she keep “growing,” so to speak and looking like she is with child?

Yes, nosey folks, er, inquiring minds want to know. Here’s Brandy herself addressing the rumors



Brandy’s sister-in-law, Princess Love also wants you know that she is NOT preggers.

Apparently, there are some rumors going around that Brandy has been saying she’s not pregnant because she’s supposedly carrying a child for Princess Love and brother Ray J., but Princess says that story is bogus, too.

princess love tweets

princess love tweets1

OK then, if Brandy isn’t pregnant, we’ll just have accept the fact that she’s “still growing.”

PHOTO: PR Photos

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2 thoughts on “Brandy: “I Am Not Pregnant!’

    • So true!! Once a liar, who will ever believe what comes out of your mouth?? If she is pregnant, then that will be revealed just like her other lies. Otherwise, who cares??!!

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