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With legal bills mounting and a retrial for sexual assault on the horizon, Bill Cosby is reportedly looking to take a $30 million loan against his Upper East Side townhouse to pay for it all.

The 80-year-old comedian is trying to take the hard money loan on his 12,000 square foot mansion, “Page Six TV” revealed Wednesday.

He purchased the six-story townhouse in 1987 for $6.2 million and reportedly spent another $1.2 million in renovations. Neighbors include Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Cantor Fitzgerald CEO, and chairman Howard Lutnick, and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who spent 13 months in jail after pleading guilty to soliciting prostitution from an underage girl in 2008.

A source told Page Six, “Cosby is looking for a 30 million hard money loan against the house. Which means Cosby must be desperate because the banks won’t give him money. Hard money loans have high interest rates and are usually repaid in a short time, such as a year.

“But the lenders aren’t keen to give Cosby the money because they don’t think he has enough equity. Also, the lenders believe if they foreclose on the house, that they may not sell it. Provenance and the history of a house are very important, and buyers would certainly be put off by the thought of what could have taken place in the house over the years, and that they’ll be sleeping in Cosby’s bedroom.”

Cosby has hired famed Michael Jackson defense lawyer Tom Mesereau to head a new defense team that includes ex-federal prosecutor Kathleen Bliss and Philadelphia’s Samuel W. Silver.

Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by more than 50 women. His first trial ended with a hung jury, and he now faces a retrial next spring.

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31 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Trying Get $30 Million Loan Against Home To Pay Legal Bills

  1. specialt757 on said:

    See this right here ” Please don’t pull a Special and reach for the easy answer, racism. Your much more capable than her” This is what white slave masters did to blacks back in the day, divide and conquer. Make you hate each other so you can fight amongst yourselves, hurt and kill each other to become the “favorite” and they get win in the end.
    Naw not gonna let you do it. You’re never be tall enough to ride this ride, I know who and whose I am, so your petty tactics to divide black women won’t work with me. My self-esteem is through the roof, with my flaws and everything, I’m good all the time and all the time, I’m good. I don’t even know Amber and I love Amber.

  2. In a similar case, Ashley Judd just gave a very classy and forgiving message to Harvey Weinstein. Not everyone is so forgiving, and we do not have to right to forgive someone on behalf of others. Only they can do that. Failure to stop sexual predators and other criminals early allow them to do similar things to many other women. The “powers that be” in Hollywood succeeded in covering up the misdeeds of many abusers for a long time. I feel that serious matters should be turned over to the police and prosecutors, and that high-priced lawyers should not be allowed to bully, intimidate or pay off complainants, witnesses, or anyone else. Non-disclosure agreements are not meant to cover up criminal behavior. Although I am not an attorney and don’t even play one on TV in my opinion NDAs are illegal contracts in such cases. In fact, those who cover up crimes are themselves guilty and should be prosecuted.

  3. I think Cosby took advantage of women that “hoped” to advance their career years ago! The “casting couch” which many of those actresses are now pointing fingers at Weinstein, is not new news. While “they” sit in their “million dollar” mansions having forgotten the sins they did to get them there have come home to roost! Bill Cosby has been used as an example to any “Black” that wants to think they want to buy a major network or think they are equal, what awaits! It is so sad, repent, God loves you!

  4. Dr. Larry on said:

    I see the same hate and anger from the usual suspects, but I don’t see an answer to my question. Given the means to live anywhere, why do blacks choose to live exclusively among whites? Is it a status thing? Closer proximity to finer, well mannered women? What is it?

    • I just gave you the answer. It is NOT a race thing, it is an ECONOMIC thing. If there is a neighborhood that is rich with beautiful homes, blacks will live there no matter what color the person is. If I love a home and I can afford it and the neighborhood is nice, I will buy it. Again, look at Atlanta. MILLION Dollar homes in ALL black or mostly blacks neighborhood and I am sure they are in other places. In Savannah GA, it is BEL AIR and the list goes on. In Southbridge in Savannah, GA, there are just as many blacks who live there as whites (if not more).

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Fair enough. Good answer Amber. Let me flip it then, why do not whites operate with that same logic. Please don’t pull a Special and reach for the easy answer, racism. Your much more capable than her

    • specialt757 on said:

      ” see the same hate and anger from the usual suspects” The pot calling the kettle black. I gave you an answer in my first post, people live where they can afford. If Cosby bought a house he could afford in a neighborhood he liked, and if there were or were not POC living there, I still would say the same, it’s his money, his choice. Obviously, he’s not a racist like yourself, seems like black folks hate him, but he certainly doesn’t hate blacks. I’ve waited enough time on your ignorant ass.

    • The Big O on said:

      It’s definitely not the finer white woman thing bc who says the women are finer. Well mannered women women also live working class black areas as well. It’s bc the houses are usually bigger and nicer which money can do for you. Sadly, those areas are usually safer than blue collar areas, white or black. Now you are right about the status comment as most people of any ethnicity seek status in wealth.

  5. smiles on said:


  6. Dr. Larry on said:

    The question is why given the choice does he prefer to live among whites only? Is there something better about them and their living habits?

    • specialt757 on said:

      You should be able to answer that question, don’t you live in a trailer park under a rock? How are those living around you living habits?

    • No, the home he likes just happen to be in that neighborhood. Go to Atlanta where there are many blacks who have MILLION DOLLAR HOMES where mostly or ALL blacks lives in the neighborhood. It is NOT a color thing, it is an ECONOMIC thing and you know it.

  7. Ask those black folks who careers he help to catapult them into the limelight is he a sell out. People live where they can afford. Like you fake doc, don’t you live under a rock?

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        You, my friend are a slave to the democratic rhetoric that keeps you enslaved in mediocrity, victim hood, and hopelessness. All for a few measly handouts. Have some pride boy

      • specialt757 on said:

        “…All for a few measly handouts” Tell that to the recipients who receive the most government handouts, white farmers. They receive more government “subsidies” than any other race or business. Except when it comes to whites, it’s not “handouts” it’s subsidies, it’s the same darn thing. So spare us, you only get fake news from faux news, time to change the channel or read a book.

    • Dr. Larry it’s interesting how people like you always put people who are striving for excellence and achieving it in the category of being mediocre or failing. Must be a projection of your own status on to others.

      • specialt757 on said:

        “Must be a projection of your own status on to others.” Yes T, that’s exactly what he does. And also a good analogy of him is the saying “hurt people hurt people”. He’s a broken individual and should really be ignored, and I know when it comes to him, I have got to practice some self-control.

    • Larry is a racist trouble maker. He only make these comments to extract anger from people. This article is not about black people hating Cosby or about him wanting to live in exclusively white neighborhoods. There should not be any exclusively white neighborhood. Give it up Larry, you are not going to cause fighting between black people on this site…now go back over to your KKK site and report to your master,,,BOY!!!!

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