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(Donald Trump Jr. 4th in & Eric Trump next to him)

Donald Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., are reportedly investing in luxury resorts in one of the poorest regions of America: the Mississippi Delta. The area happens to be in the heart of Trump’s base.

The brothers claim the towers, which are part of a program that the Trump Organization is calling an “American Idea,” will start with a four-star, 100-room Scion hotel designed to look like an antebellum plantation, Newsweek reports.

The actual “American Idea” is that Eric and Don Jr. will be reopening two Comfort Inns and Rodeway Inns, but will bring them up to “Trump standards,” according to The Washington Post.

“It is nearly unheard of for a national hotel company to debut hotel lines in one of America’s poorest corners, surrounded by cotton and soybean fields and lacking a commercial airport or even an easily accessed interstate,” The Post wrote of the project.

Trump’s “antebellum plantation” hotels will tower in a predominantly African-American area near Cleveland. Raw Story notes that the town’s population is just barely over 12,000 people and 53.3 percent of children there are living in poverty. Citizens have been desperate for work since the closure of factories during the recession.

The Trump brothers’ luxury hotel project is “being pitched as a place where the blues can be celebrated.”

“A plan that some black residents view as Trump’s effort to monetize the threadbare music invented by slaves in the Mississippi cotton fields.”

Investors for the project haven’t been revealed, but it will reportedly receive city and county tax breaks over seven years.

“It shows he really doesn’t have a conscience. It’s about money,” Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) told The Post.

“I think if the Trumps’ bottom-line profits for a hotel in the Mississippi Delta are predicated on black people coming and spending money, I think they are in serious trouble,” said Rep. Thompson.

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21 thoughts on “Trump’s Sons To Open ‘Plantation-Style’ Luxury Hotels In Poor Black Areas

  1. Sherry Shepard on said:

    I’m not surprised the Trumps want to come and continue the exploitation of blacks in Bolivar County! After all,,Cleveland has practiced 62 years of racial discrimination in its public school system! Nothing has changed since the consolidation! This hotel venture will be a flop! Nobody’s want to come to a racially depressed area!

    Take the Grammy Museum, for example! It’s just as EMPTY as will be that Trump Hotel! If Trump wants to do something for the MS Delta, build some new schools and promote quality education based on equity and inclusion and equality for all! The people in the area now are relegating blacks to those dilapidated schools that are reflected in the districts D rating and where 6 of its schools are rated Ds and F’s!

  2. Phyllis on said:

    Larry reporting someone for their comment. Pot meet kettle. All the racist hate spewing shit he and trump post every day. Now he wants to report someone. GTFOH. Take trump and his beavis and butthead sons with you.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Hmmm….sounds like there’s some anger about the Trumps opening this hotel…let’s see…how about we (black folks) invest in our own communities, create our own jobs, commerce and wealth, and guess what? The Trumps nor any other “outsiders” would be able to infiltrate our communities…novel idea, huh? As long as we keep blaming the white man for all of our ills on one hand and begging him for a lifeline on the other, we will NEVER progress forward.

    • Sherry Shepard on said:

      What jobs? Maids, janitors, and cooks, while lesser educated caucasians hold the manager jobs! That’s racial exploitation, not job creation! Ain’t nothing in Cleveland but racism, bigotry, and discrimination! That’s why Trump is coming! These people ran segregated schools for 62 years! The Grammy Museum is an utter failure! Nobody’s coming to Cleveland until Cleveland reconciles its bitter past!

    • Sherry Shepard on said:

      Ain’t nothing in Cleveland, Mississippi but racism, bigotry, and hatred! Blacks are relegated to inferior roles! This is so sad in 2017!

      • African American Woman on said:

        Sooooooo, how many businesses have you started so that you could help employ us? How much have you invested in our communities? I bet you’re batting at a big ZERO…you can complain and whine all you want. Nothing will change without action. You can blame racism, hate, etc…but if that’s all you’re gonna do is those things, forget it, because that makes you a huge part of the already existing issues.

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