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Have you ever seen a doppelgänger like this?

Halloween is less than two weeks away, but it seems like Tina Lawson, queen mother to a woman we all know as Beyoncé, is gearing up early. On Friday, Lawson posted a video of herself impersonating music icon Tina Turner.

“As Halloween approaches I came across this Video of me dressed up as Tina turner are “Tina up Tina” as Beyoncé calls me. It was so much fun that I might repeat it again following what do y’all think?,” Lawson wrote.

This wig. The two-step. The hands. The outfit. The lip movement. Everything is giving us life. “I always wanted to be Tina Turner,” she says in a second video.

If you listen to the second clip close enough,  you can hear Beyoncé give her mother a co-sign.


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