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2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reject Hazel E just ended her career after jumping off the deep end and bashing Black women and gay people during a social media beef with rising comedian Jess Hilarious.

In case you missed it, this mess apparently unfolded when Jess, real name Jessica Robin Moore, mentioned Hazel E during her Instagram beef with Azealia Banks. Hazel E made some comments about Jess, which evolved into today’s debacle.

Jess posted an Instagram update clowning Hazel’s book Girl Code: Ethics As A Lifestyle (which she admits she purchased) and calling her boy toy Rose Burgandy “gay.”


To back her claims about Burgandy’s sexuality, Jess posted a screenshot of an alleged conversation between Burgandy and a man who goes by the name @TheRealCamYonce.


Hazel E dug up an old Yahoo article about a photo of Jess Hilarious and her son that sparked debates all over the Internet. Not only did she bash Black women and call them “dark butts” (a line straight out of her ex Yung Berg’s mouth), she called Jess’ son gay. He’s 5-years-old.

Insert Rose Burgandy’s fraud a**, who felt a way about his sexuality being questioned and went balls to the wall *no pun intended* and bashed all gays and condemned them to hell. Burgandy deleted his posts, but thank God for screenshots.


Hazel then took to Instagram where she bashed dark skin Black women and claimed they are jealous of her beauty and light complexion. The posts have since been deleted.


And just in case you thought Hazel wasn’t Black, she posted several photos of her alleged Black relatives. Because ya know…this obviously gives her the liberty to speak on colorism issues.


Sigh. At this point, we’re patiently waiting for Jess Hilarious to drag Hazel E across the street and up the block. Hazel jumped off a cliff, now let’s leave her in a ditch. Basura. Where’s Mona with a pink slip when you need one?


‘L&HHH’ Loser Hazel E Calls Black Women Monkeys & Condemns Gays During Instagram Tirade was originally published on globalgrind.com

4 thoughts on “‘L&HHH’ Loser Hazel E Calls Black Women Monkeys & Condemns Gays During Instagram Tirade

  1. Tricia Charles on said:

    HazelEasy has a LOT of nerve to talk about anyone being fake. Your nose is fake, your lips are fake, your ass and tits are fake. Your hair is fake and so are your nails, hair color. Have several seats. This ain’t the. 1900’s. Dark skinned women LOVE our melanin. Stop hatin with your no talent ass.

  2. Glynis Davis on said:

    First of All Hazel E, You need not to judge at all. So what you have this and that… You really Need to Look at yourself and then throw up Your disgusting acting all brand new FAKE ASS .. Yes I said , what… Get yourself some real business nasty girl… Can’t call you a Lady NOT DESERVED !!!!!

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