Wendy Williams's Signs to Alize as National Spokesperson

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Wendy Williams reportedly shook up things behind the scenes at her daily show, allegedly firing members of her staff who she believed leaked cheating rumors about her husband, Kevin Hunter.

It all came to head when an explosive report alleged Hunter, who is also Williams’ manager, was carrying on a long-term relationship with a 32-year-old massage therapist named Sarina Hudson. The report also stated that Williams not only knew about the affair, but willingly shared her husband with Hudson.

Williams and Hunter have been married since 2007 and share a 17-year-old son named Kevin Jr.

Days later, Williams used her talk show to clear up the story while proudly sporting her large diamond wedding ring.

An undisclosed source told entertainment blog The Jasmine Brand that Williams felt betrayed after the story leaked and immediately investigated where the story originated.

“She fired anyone who was connected to the story because it was not only fake, but it showed how disloyal they were to her. She can’t trust someone who would do that to her. She fired a number of her staff, including some producers,” the source said.

Williams is apparently unbothered by the rumor and will continue to stand by her man, the source states.

SOURCE: The Jasmine Brand


5 thoughts on “Did Wendy Williams Fire Staff Who Leaked Cheating Rumors About Her Husband?

  1. Wendy how u doin don’t feel shame to accept your husband having a younger woman, just no that if she doesn’t get pregnant he’ll never leave you. But my opinion is you and Kevin is he will stay with you until your show is over and lil kevin goes to college, after that start looking for another man because he’s leaving you to father his long time girlfriend a child sorry I’m a straight shooter paw paw…..

  2. casey smith on said:

    she get all what she deserves …..for years plus have she thrown and ran over people….I believe she has been suffering for years and tried to hide it….but it’s starting to come to light.

  3. Chastity on said:

    Just because she is still wearing her ring does not mean her and hubby are still happily married. Wearing a ring does not prove anything. I cannot stand this heifer. She talks about everyone’s business but when the shoe is on her big manly foot, she cannot handle it.

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