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Fed up with mistreatment from storeo wners in their community, thousands of Upper Marlboro are preparing to battle before a liquor control board after a store owner went unpunished for handcuffing a customer.

Prince George’s County police have said store owners can handcuff a customer in their store, and the prosecutor dropped a second-degree assault charge against him. Seeing no other recourse, more than 5,000 people signed a petition to close Largo Liquors, NBC News Washington reports.

A Facebook video shows the customer arguing with a cashier. In the dispute, the customer knocked over a display on the counter. The owner rushes out and fights with the customer, eventually tackling him to the ground and placing him in handcuffs until the police arrived.

The prosecutor dropped disorderly conduct charges against the customer. But many in the community are dissatisfied with the whole outcome. In addition to the petition drive, many are also writing negative reviews of the store online.

“It makes me feel like I have a family,” the customer told the news outlet. “A family that I don’t even know about.”

SOURCE:  NBC News Washington


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28 thoughts on “Maryland Residents Pushing Back Against Mistreatment From Liquor Store

  1. FallMornings on said:

    Although the customer’s behavior was unacceptable, this liquor store must have a bad reputation in the neighborhood. There are stores I refuse to patronize due to the attitudes I get from the owners. They are Asian, Middle Eastern and African owners who treat us like shytz. Mostly Asians. They don’t mind taking our money but some refuse to treat us with respect.

    • Then don’t do business with them, however why do so called community leaders complain that there aren’t any businesses coming into urban areas this is one reason
      Ferguson riots are another, there’s a joke that go’s “the best thing a black person can do for a business is not rob it” we have a tendency to cut off our own noses to spite our face, if this store closes who gets affected? The owner who just set’s up shop somewhere else or the community who now has to travel further

      • Khafee on said:

        Businesses not coming to “urban” aka “black” communities have nothing to do with the rebellion in Ferguson or black people robbing them. That is absurd and so is that so-called joke. Who in the hell cares about a store closing if the community it’s supposed to serve isn’t respected. I believe it would’ve been convenient for blacks to have accepted blatant disrespect and abuse riding the bus in Montgomery, Alabama just so they could have the luxury of riding. . However– for those who had dignity and self-respect—they chose to boycott the bus system for 381 days and provide their own method of transportation by taxi, walking, and carpooling. This hurt the businesses in Montgomery because few blacks were coming in the area to shop. I also believe this resulted in the federal ruling of de-segregated buses. So, our faces are perfectly fine. The only thing we’re cutting is the nasty and disrespectful store owners from our communities

      • [Khafee ] all I can say to you is the video I posted speaks to your non-since that only the store has and obligation to be respectful to those in the community

      • Jhuf: I didn’t watch your video. The video from the article is what I watched. This is not about isolated situations where a customer is disrespectful. This is about merchants in the black community who don’t respect their black patrons. Period. They think black folks, particularly in low income areas, are savages and that they are beneath them. These foreigners come to this country conditioned by America’s racists propaganda and perception of black people. So, they automatically see us as thugs and criminals. Thus, it’s how we’re treated.

        They set up shop smack in the middle of our neighborhoods and they surround themselves with plexi-glass, or they have a rack of cameras watching us—and/or they will literally watch us themselves. We have all experienced this. It is a pattern that is prevalent from these businesses. The scene in menace to society highlighted it well. So, clearly, you’re missing the bigger picture.

      • If the owner is forced to leave, it doesn’t mean he can’t be repacked by another liquor store. But, even if it does we still need to stand up for our respect as fellow human beings. There’s enough liquor stores around us anyway. It’s a simple matter of self respect.

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    You can’t use an EBT card to purchase alcohol. That was the root of the ” argument”. The store owner was 100% in the right. How far we’ve fallen? Trying to purchase alcohol with government handouts earmarked for our children’s food. That’s how far

  3. It seems no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. Not 45, Congress, students, parents, regardless of race or gender. We has collectively lower our standards to the point where our sense of humanity is only seen during a crisis. How sad for mankind, world wide.

  4. Khafee on said:

    I believe the overall issue is— merchants that come into the black community expecting our patronage; yet, they do not respect us. This is prevalent throughout most of our communities. They’re condescending in the way they speak and act towards us, they’re rigid and uncompromising with their store policies, and their products are overpriced and they do not give back in return for our support. Also, if you read and view the video on Facebook it gives you the full picture of what occurred. The young man was defending an elderly black woman who the store cashier was speaking disrespectful towards. I applaud the residents of Upper Marlboro for what they’re doing. This should be an example to us all. We need to push back aggressively and make a strong statement to those who think that they can mistreat and disrespect us and think that we won’t do anything about it. Our unified presence and vigorous pursuit of justice is the solution. The method that those residents are doing there is what black folks need to employ everywhere.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Respect is earned not given. Been to a liquor store in a minority neighborhood recently? Not a patron in sight who respects themselves. And you want a hard working shop owner to respect you? Get to steppin’ bro-bro

      • Khafee on said:

        Dr. Larry: First all there are no “minorities”. The only minority is the Caucasian. The proper term is melanated people. Furthermore, that is an asinine comment to make. If you’re black — your self-hatred is apparent. If you’re white or other—your black-hatred is apparent, If you don’t have an intelligent comment to offer then crawl back into your cave from whence you came.

    • Apparently in this community citizens behaving badly aka showing their azz
      Is what goes for normal and proper social behavior god forbid someone put their “black privilege” in check and demand civil order and respect for others as well as privet property

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Denied a women of using an EBT card from purchasing liquor. This is what our community deems worthy of supporting. Meanwhile, the modern day Freddie Gray is in the parking lot selling weed and PCP. Nothing disrespectful to our community there. Simply amazing

  5. Dr Larry on said:

    Boycott. Shop somewhere else where you can argue with the cashier for overpriced malt liquor and knock over a display. It is our God given right to act the fool without taking responsibility for it. How dare that owner hold one of us accountable. This shiggidy got to stop right now. What’s next mandatory attendance at PTA’s. Oh hell to the naw

  6. that’s right, do not go there, do not give them your heard earned money. shop somewhere else. hit em in the pocket where it hurts. they don’t care about you…

    • Dr Larry on said:

      Please explain to me how holding someone responsible for their actions is, ” not caring about them”. It’s people like you that pander to the victim mentality that prevents us from evolving as a people. Go ahead, reply with your vulgar, SNAP entitled mouth

      • The victim was defending a older woman that the cashier and store owner disrespected. People like you keeps US from evolving as a people because of people like you giving non blacks a pass for treating us like shit. Shut that shit down…

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