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“Don’t let your people die like this” is what Rihanna tweeted to President Donald Trump with a picture of the Daily News cover.

What is Rihanna referring to? The people of Puerto Rico who are crying out and begging for help after hurricane Maria tore through the U. S. territory.

As usual, the President is under fire for his ability to add more flames to a raging fire of anger from the American people.

After Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico all he tweeted and went on about was the NFL and players not standing for the National Anthem. He even went so far as to call them “sons of b******” for the choice to take a knee.


When he finally decided to acknowledge the crisis in Puerto Rico all Trump could tweet about was the country’s weak infrastructure and terrible electrical grids.


Like many other celebrities, Rihanna is asking the President to do his job and take care of his people. A request that shouldn’t be too hard to answer for a president.

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This Is What Puerto Rico Looks Like After Hurricane Maria
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(Photo by Brad Barket/BET/Getty Images for BET)

14 thoughts on “Rihanna: ‘Don’t Let Your People Die Like This’

  1. stephanie Jones on said:

    iris sanders, Rihanna doesn’t have to be a world traveler to see the devastation and calamity that has hit this Island including the Virgin Islands. Any one with eyes and a brain can see the destruction. Unfortunately people with harden heart and no soul are blind to the fact. Narrowing the situation to name calling and racist lingo shows your level of maturity and compassion,

    • Guest1 on said:

      Iris Sanders was not referring to Rihanna. Her comments were directed at the racist coward myneck is red. (read the comments) Don’t let the white man have us at each other’s throats. That’s what they want. Dissension and chaos. You should be directing your comments to mynue aka…my neck is red. See how racist and unhappy he is? In addition to constantly talking stupid on the regular.

  2. Iris Sanders on said:

    mynue…….you haven’t travelled the entire universe, how in the hell would you know. That’s just your racist ass opinion.

  3. The problem is that when he and the people that he caters to look at the TV, all they see are black and brown people. Remember we’ve been here before with Hurricane Katrina.

    • ….also, least in 43’s defense, he didn’t spew hatred and deflect by talking about every issue but the issue at hand as he flew over and watced on the TV and at least did something by day 5. How long has this been going on?

  4. specialt757 on said:

    He doesn’t consider people who don’t look like him or have as much as he does “his people”. He doesn’t care about these people. The fact that he is really not in control is the reason PR is getting aid and assistance. If it were only 45’s decision, these people would die, and he & his family would take over, build golf courses and rebuild the infrastructure for their enjoyment.

    • Do you care about white people? Please explain you racist. Most of you black f-ckers wouldn ‘t help a dying white person n the street so don’t even come here with your hypocritical bu–shit!

      • Guest1 on said:

        You got that right! I would help some white people, but you, I wouldn’t spit on your redneck ass if you were doused with gasoline. One less scared ass cracker to worry about. Just like your white brethren that shot up the concert. Keep it up, old scared ass cowardly white men on their way to extinction!

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