Stephen Hightower Is Dedicated To Getting More Black Youth In National Parks


From a janitor to oil tycoon Stephen Hightower is one of the most successful Black men ever. As the President and CEO of Hightower Petroleum Co. he is dedicated to his work.

Hightower explained what his company does, saying, “We deliver gasoline and diesel to places like Kroger, General Motors, and FedEx. These are the folk who are really responding to the disasters. We get busy at times like this. We are part of the first responders. When the electricity goes down people rely on diesel.”

The Hightower Family Foundation and the National Park Foundation launched the “1 Million African-American Youth In A Park” initiative.

“I go to national parks and there are virtually no African-Americans in the parks, I asked myself why. I’ve done my research and African-Americans weren’t allowed to go to these parks back in the day so there has been a lack of exposure. How do we change that exposure? We are looking to get 1 million youth in there to not only expose them to the beauty but to jobs and opportunities to the national park service,” explained Hightower.

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3 thoughts on “Stephen Hightower Is Dedicated To Getting More Black Youth In National Parks

  1. Dianne Turner-Ingham on said:

    I don’t know if you are aware of another little know history fact: The roads leading to, and trailing through our national parks were engineered by the “Buffalo Soldiers” led by Colonel Charles Young, a longtime resident of Wilberforce, OH. He also organized the first ROTC at an HBCU.

  2. sugasaphire on said:

    I’ve exposed my children early to National Parks, but only those we can drive to. How does the youth begin the process of becoming educated and hired by this foundation?

  3. Virginia Watkins on said:

    Exposer needs to start in school. Even as a white girl, I knew very little about National Parks when I graduated. There is a serious lack of history taught in all schools. How can one go to a National Park when they know little about it. I think kids in school hate history because the whole version is never taught.

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