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After Hurricane Irma passed through Florida, it’s been reported that 4 in 10 were out of fuel as of Monday according to USA Today.

The shortage of gas can get even worse as Floridians rush back into the state to check on their homes and resume living their lives again.

However, the transportation of gas has been halted because of the Hurricane. Petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan of GasBuddy, “warned the situation could get worse before it gets better.”

He explained that, “the concern is that as people start coming back as Irma clears, fuel supply in those areas could be very challenged.”

Even as there are shortages, gas prices continue to rise due to the stress of Hurricane Harvey. According to analysts, the price of gas can continue to rise by 20 or 30 cents over the next couple of weeks.

For some reference, the gas price in Florida on Monday morning was $2.67 which is a 21 cent increase from the month before. The average gas price in Florida is $2.72 which is 44 cent increase from the previous month.

Some places that were hit hard by the gas shortage include Gainesville were according to GasBuddy 63% of the gas stations had no gas. In Miami on 62% of gas stations had no gas as well.

Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and West Palm Beach have only suffered from half of their stations being out of gas.

As the oath of the Hurricane heads for the South it also causes gas shortages in Georgia.

The shortage started before Hurricane Irma came because people were evacuating.

(Source: USA Today)

(AP Photo/mbr/Sarasota Herald-Tribune/Mike Lang)

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