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Whether she’s cheering for Olympic athletes or watching an episode of “Game of Thrones,” Leslie Jones has never been one to curb her enthusiasm for any occasion.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the “Saturday Night Live” star was unable to keep her composure while sitting in the front row of Christian Siriano’s spring 2018 fashion show.

The “Project Runway” champ, if you recall, was the first to answer Leslie’s call (literally, with a hand-waving emoji) when she tweeted that no designer was willing to dress her for the “Ghostbusters” premiere.

On Saturday, the woman fanned all the way out at his collection, whooping and hollering over the array of ball gowns and cocktail dresses that came down the runway, often cheering by herself.

She saved her biggest reaction to model Coco Rocha, who closed the show.

Jones took to Twitter afterward the experience, saying “I think [I] acted more like I was at a game than [a] fashion show!! Y’all know I’m ghetto.”

And of course, Leslie responded.

Here’s what the Washington Post’s famed fashion critic Robin Givhan thought of Jones that night:

…It was a delight. Fabulous. Exhilarating. It was a gust of fresh air into an industry that too often sucks the pleasure out of a something that should be, if not fun, then at least not like surgery without anesthesia. Oh, sure, Jones, the “Saturday Night Live” comedian, was not working, unlike many of the people in the audience. She was not racing around town from one show to another and trying to take appointments in between.

But still, Jones was a reminder that although fashion can feed the culture in all sorts of ways, its most basic mission is to make people feel good about themselves and about others. So, we should cheer fashion.

Below, Leslie freaking out over Coco Rocha from various angles:


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3 thoughts on “‘Ya’ll Know I’m Ghetto’: Leslie Jones Unable To Control Herself During NYFW Show

  1. :dcbrother4u on said:

    Oh girl please, why don’t you remain silent on that issue than open your mouth and remove all doubt. I guess no one told you any better, so I will be embarassed for you.

  2. Passing Through! on said:

    Fashion week, the most over-hyped bulls**t in Hollywood. Most of the clothes look damn hideous , when I see that mess walking down the runway I’m like “who would wear this s**t!” I saw an outfit with shoulder pads like a football player, loud tacky patterns and colors, looks completely horrible. I never see anyone wearing that garbage besides on the runway or in magazines. It’s really just a celebrity event a bunch of rich stars sitting front row to prove that they’re in the “A” list crowd.

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