A woman in Chicago is sitting in jail for filming and posting multiple videos to Snapchat of her unconscious friend being raped.

According to KissyDenise.com, on August 24, 36-year-old Beth Rae Harris and the victim got into a fight at a party over a man.

The two eventually stopped fighting and made up. District Attorney Nora Gill reports that they two later went clubbing and then to a hotel.

That night it was reported that the 23-year-old victim had consumed large amounts of alcohol and passed out at Harris’ apartment.

Harris then encouraged one or more men to rape the victim. The victim was unconscious during the incident and woke up the next morning feeling sore with no clothes.

In leaving Harris’ apartment the next day Gill says that Harris’ told the victim, “that a man had sex with [her] while [she] was passed out.”

The video of the incident was posted on the victim’s account. In one of the videos, Harris can be heard in the background calling the victim inappropriate names.

Authorities say that a witness was able to identify Harris in the video.

Harris had three kids and “is charged with non-consensual dissemination of sexual images.”

In addition, Harris has a history with the law, being convicted of battery, reckless conduct, resisting arrest and aggravated battery to a peace officer.

Her bail has been set at $150,000.

(Source: KissyDenise.com)

(AP Photo/Ronald Lizik)

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12 thoughts on “A Woman Snapchats The Rape Of Her Unconscious Friend

  1. specialt757 on said:

    S.D. it’s too bad those idiots won’t have an ounce of what you have, INTELLIGENCE. No amount of knowledge or wisdom will reach their closed minds. They only see things one way and it’s unfortunate. Hopefully, no intelligent, self-respecting female will ever choose to mate. WE ALREADY have enough stuck-on-stupid imbeciles hatched with their traits. Hopefully, they are all impotent, no mistakes.

    • Charity Dell on said:

      +MAC BEN–It’s NOT the culture–it’s the evil MINDSET! Most people would not entertain the
      thought of such DEPRAVED CRUELTY to a friend. NO CULTURE TEACHES THIS. This
      woman is just CRUEL and ACTED OUT A DEPRAVED FANTASY against another VICTIM.
      SHE IS A CRIMINAL AND SHOULD BE DUMPED IN A DESERT, to live out her useless
      life among the jackals, serpents and scorpions.

  2. Charity Dell on said:


    Those who encourage the rape of their friends–and then film and upload it for the world to
    gawk at–should be placed UNDER THE JAIL with no chance to be bailed out. They are dangerous,
    depraved, demon-possessed sociopaths who need to be removed and safely locked away in solitary, so that they cannot harm any other human being!

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