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In a very emotional video posted earlier today (09-05-17), singer and reality TV star Keke Wyatt says her husband, Michael Ford, wants a divorce. Oh, and did we mention she’s now 8 months pregnant?

Wyatt, 35, dropped the news via social media in an emotional video that apparently was deleted, but was saved by some alert fans. In the video, the singer claims Ford asked for the divorce after allegedly cheating on her.


If that’s not enough, one of their children is dealing with cancer.

“Want to know something America, when you 8 months pregnant and you got a child sick, in and out of the hospital, and your husband got the nerve to tell you that he wants a divorce, because he says that you’re an emotional wreck; he says that from the very beginning, ‘you never trusted me’ and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, telling other people, other women that ‘we’re getting a divorce’ and ‘if she calls,’ like what? I am so done with Michael Jamar. Ya’ll can have him and roast his ass. I don’t care.”

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