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For some people, the only luck is bad luck. That may be the case for would-be bar burglary suspects Joseph McInniss and Tyree McCoy. The two went to rob a Baltimore bar only to find out it was crawling with cops. Not only was there a precinct across the street, at the time of the attempted robbery, there were even more cops inside celebrating a retirement party.

The Baltimore Sun reports: 

As officers were celebrating a longtime sergeant’s retirement in the main room of Monaghan’s Pub on Gwynn Oak Avenue, two masked men approached the carryout counter nearby around 5:30 p.m., police said. Monaghan’s owner Jack Milani said the men demanded cash from the register and then took off.

Some of the off-duty officers attending the retirement party gave chase and arrested the two men nearby, the department said.

Police charged Joseph McInnis III, 21, (pictured, l) of the first block of Inwood Ave., and Tyree McCoy, 22,  (pictured, r) of the 3500 block of Cedar Drive, with armed robbery, theft and related offenses, department spokesman Cpl. Shawn Vinson said. Neither had an attorney listed in online court records.

“It’s kind of odd you would even attempt it,” Milani said. “[Officers] are always in here. There was a decent amount of them.” 

PHOTOS: Baltimore PD

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13 thoughts on “Two Suspects Try To Rob A Baltimore Cop Bar – It Doesn’t Go Well

  1. ResponsibilityIn control, I do not know what AM community that you live in, but the one that I live in is nothing like what you just described. You sound like a racist piece of trailer trash too stupid to make your own meth because your mother is your sister. Don’t worry you will too get JUST what you deserve. Now get busy blowing yourself up with your meth lab.

  2. Virginia on said:

    The first thing they need to learn is how to map out a PLAN. Unfortunately, they will be learning that lesson in PRISON. The worse place to get an education.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Hahaha Charlemagne just gave them the sweet sounds of the Hamiltones, “you are the donkey of the daaaaay F**king jackasses LOL!

  4. specialt757 on said:

    yep, racist mofos think all blacks fit into one category, poor, dumb, and criminals, (well except for Charles big-head Barkley and Michael Jordan). Just like the dummies who think Obama was president during Hurricane Katrina, dumb f**ks.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I got nothing for either of them but some strong criticism. You did what you thought you had to do, because you didn’t do what you should have done. Gotten and education, learn respect and your ass kicked from your parents. Now look at you, all f**ked up. Robbing a bar across the street from a precinct, how f**king dumb can you be. You’re dismissed!

  6. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Sadly the African American community will say “we dont have no jobs”….Or shift the focus to them getting beat up! They got what they deserved! This is the same mentality that needs to change within the African American community! Do for yourself get an education, make a honest living! As in all of these idiot cases the family will be defending the thugs as if they did nothing wrong! I can hear them now “dey didnt evem get ane money, dey ain have to beat dem up li dat”. LOL

  7. Heyyou!!!! on said:

    I bet you they will not rob another bar, or person for that matter. dumb asses. look like them cops beat their asses. Them cops put a wuppin on their asses like their parents should have. Thats what the fuck they get!!!!!!!!!!! Get a job you ass holes

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