Inside Her Story: Harvard Law Student Kicked Off Plane By Pilot


Briana Williams, a third-year Harvard law student, was a kicked off a plane with her 4-month-old daughter by the pilot.

Why? All because she asked for her stroller. Williams had to spend the night in an Atlanta airport with no diapers or water for her daughter.

The flight had been experiencing problems with air traffic and kept people on the plane. After four hours the pilot asked for all passengers to get off.

The law student obeyed and a flight attendant said she would bring her stroller. Just 10 minutes later the flight attendant came back saying they couldn’t bring it and didn’t give an explanation.

Calmly Williams said, “I informed her that I cannot leave that plane without my stroller. I had my 4-month-old daughter in my hands and three bags.”

The pilot came out and told her, “you need to get off my plane.” Police enforcement arrived and was able to get her stroller, however, she was not allowed back on the plane because the pilot felt threatened by her. Pilots have the right legally to decide who comes onto their plane.

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7 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Harvard Law Student Kicked Off Plane By Pilot

  1. AA Woman, just because this does not make sense, does not mean that it is not the real truth. When has biased bigotry and racism ever made sense. The pilot didn’t like the fact that this intelligent, well-spoken Black woman was not cow towing to him and he used his discretionary authority to “make her pay.” So, if you still question when will the “real truth” come out listen out for the epilogue of how much the airline settles for……..

    • African American Woman on said:

      You have no clue what really happened and neither do I or probably most people who read the article but its too vague-not good report g. Your jump into the racism pot immediately-there are no interviews, quotes, witness statements or anything that corroborates anything written here…as long as the article’s title points to some black victims, it automatically must be racist…again, I want to see tge whole story before I draw any conclusions.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Now lets wait for the unbiased, unedited story to come out so the real truth can be read…this makes absolutely no sense

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