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Erica and Tina Campbell’s “Mary Mary” reality series will come to an end after its upcoming sixth season, which premieres on WE tv Sept. 28 at 9 p.m.

The show, which chronicles the pair’s personal and professional lives as members of the contemporary gospel group Mary Mary, will finish its memorable run with six new hourlong episodes.

Season 5 ended with high tensions between Erica and Tina, leaving fans to speculate about the fate of the group. At the same time, their sister Goo Goo planned to transition from her role as their stylist to pursue her personal dreams.

On the upcoming Season 6, Mary Mary braves global terrorist threats to take on their biggest world tour yet. But competition over each of their growing solo careers, and long-buried emotional demons that resurface in the Holy Land prove to be the ultimate test of their sisterly bond.

Said Tina of the “Mary Mary” series: “I’m so grateful to have shared the last several years of my life, personally and professionally, with all of the supporters of the viewers of our reality show. We’ve written and recorded songs together, we’ve released albums together, we’ve been pregnant together, we’ve had babies on the show, we’ve had the worst of times in our families and have had the best of times with our family.

You’ve watched our children grow up. Heck you’ve watched Erica and I and the rest of our family grow up over these years. We’ve established an identity together and separately and you all have been with us for the entire ride. I can’t possibly find the words to truly express my gratitude for this experience so I’ll just say thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who made it happen and to everyone who watched it happen. It’s been great.”

Added Erica: “We have been so proud to share our music and our lives with WE tv viewers and fans for the past five seasons. We are grateful to our fans for going with us on this journey, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, we can’t wait to return this fall to complete this part of our story.”

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12 thoughts on “Mary Mary To End Reality Show After Six Seasons

  1. Shalimarjones1959@yahoo.com on said:

    Tina is a dirty bitch rotten ugly and lowdown is so is her husband good luck to the other Mary could just go just need to go die somewhere

  2. Beatrice on said:

    I think Tina is very arrogant. Erica is so sweet and tolerable with Tina. I don’t see how in the world she was able to work with her sister. Tina and her husband act just alike–two confused people. Erica seems to have a very happy marriage, and Tina and her husband are all over the place. I believe Erica will do just as well by herself.

  3. Patricia Wilson on said:

    I love watching you all show and whatever God have in store for you all you will be blessed. I want you to keep God first.

  4. Lynnette on said:

    Tina and Erica I have enjoyed watching you and your family to the one hundredth power. God has been with you all and I am proud of you guys. Now it’s time to make new marks and follow Gods guidance further.
    I wish you all the best of luck and many blessings for a happy and prosperous future. Looking forward to seeing your last season with love, your die hard fan❤️

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