Corey Holcomb Is Here For The Side Pieces


Comedian Corey Holcomb joins the show to help brothers out with their side piece problems.

Side pieces can be hard to manage. “It gets hectic returning phone calls,” because, “sometimes you got to get rid of them. Especially when they think it’s time for them to move up, ” explained Holcomb.

Corey is here to help, with any advice you need to control your side piece.

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2 thoughts on “Corey Holcomb Is Here For The Side Pieces

  1. Why is there a need for someone on the side how would you feel if you found out your partner had one or you were the extra this causes multiple babies, diseases just chaos in your life. A man wants his woman to be true to him why can’t he be true to her those with a side piece is less than a man a lier and a devices people can’t be trusted who wants that. You older males should know better and become real men.

    • His routine is so self-absorbed, immature, and not funny at all–boring! Most men who brag about themselves and how many women they have are fantasizing because they really have NOTHING to offer. They’d be better off just staying with one woman and be grateful that she tries to work with what HE has.

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