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When DJ Jazzy Jeff chopped it up with The Sun recently, naturally the topic of a possible revival of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” came up.

When asked about whether the classic 90’s TV show – which starred his best friend, Will Smith – would be given a reboot with the original cast, Jazzy said:

“There have been talks with people about doing something. … I think it would be cool if they did it and go down memory lane again. It’s a blessing to be part of something that people still hold in high regard. You can’t beat that. […] It’s hard for people to keep their attention span normally, but to be able to keep it for all these years and transcend generations, put their kids onto it, this is deep.”

Fans of the sitcom immediately took to social media to offer their first-born to the Tribute — if doing so would bring the show back.

But when TMZ caught up with actor Alfonso Ribeiro a.k.a. “Carlton Banks,” he made it clear that a Fresh Prince revival ain’t happening.

“I’ve already talked about that one, it ain’t gon’ be no ‘Fresh Prince’ nothin,” said Alfonso.

EUR readers may recall our 2015 interview with Ribeiro, during which he confirmed he’s not involved with any revival talk. He also noted that “Without James Avery, you have no Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

“I’m not involved with it in any way. I don’t have any real information on it. My position on it is, we stopped filming The Fresh Prince of Bel Air because we felt like we could no longer make great episodes, so we stopped. I’m not a big fan of making TV show reboots,” he explained. “I feel like, why don’t we just make a new show and not call it The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Simply because, without James Avery, you have no Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He was the backbone of that show. Since his passing, there’s simply no reason to do it. Let’s let great creativity of the past remain just there.”

So there you have it.

Ribeiro told TMZ that fans who have dreams of a revival show need to just “let it go.”

Check out the clip below to hear what else he had to say:

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

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4 thoughts on “Alfonso Ribeiro: ‘There Ain’t Gon’ Be No ‘Fresh Prince’ Reboot’

  1. Allen Murphy on said:

    Well time to move on.
    If someone ask him again
    Alfonso should say
    What part of NO you dont
    The N or the O lol.

  2. AmbersBestFriend on said:

    Google “Mugabe white farmers”. Black leader in power for decades in Zimbabwe who made life a living hell for whites. It’s an old story, you should know it. Learning about Mugabe will give you the background to read about current day S Africa where the leaders appear to be considering and possibly planning the next Zimbabwe. If you’re going be vocal, it’s always helpful to be informed. Hatred, anger and fear are not emotions that you want to cower to, right? “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone, you are the one getting burned”-Lao Tzu

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