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Which one do you like better – Love Song or Close?



64 thoughts on “Holy Grounds! Kenny Lewis ‘Love Song’ vs. Signature’s ‘Show Me The Way’

  1. I find it far from necessary and worth kingdom minded people’s time to respond in any form of negativity. Both artist are great and unique in their own right… Just vote and pray that someone’s life is changed for the better…

  2. Johnny Wilson on said:

    It’s All Kingdom Business. We are working together not against each other. Cut all negative comments on both sides. Where is the Love? God bless to every one. Lets continue to promote.

  3. Kenny Jackson on said:

    Kenny Lewis votes gotta be fake.. Been watching the votes for hours. Been to his pages. He don’t really have much support. Not many likes on his post. That shows a lot…. Go Signature it’s not the end…

    • Janell on said:

      His choir members have a lot of followers and supporters. We are professionals as well with a large sector of people. Let’s stay positive! Being negative wont help you win! ❤️

    • Kenny Johnson, I could say alot but trust me there are a lot of supporters for Kenny Lewis. First, he’s the m.o.m for a church with 3k members,also works at another church with 1k members, choir with 25 members who are made up of teachers getting their students to vote, their church, friends, and family to vote. How about check all of their social media, the number of time both the flyer and links been shared. The number of email blasts that’s been sent out over the course of 3 days. The number of people they’ve gotten to vote from all over Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana , etc. However, looking at signiture’s social media there’s no support there. But if you want to talk about fake votes. Go take a look at signiture’s votes, how their numbers increased by THOUSANDS in less than 20 mins, their fake ig and twitter followers or how about their fake YouTube views and bought comments from foreign people on their videos. Kenny’s Love Song has reached 23 on Billboard, current album top 10, 2016 Stellar award nominees. Trust me there’s supporters. But all respect and wishes to Signature. I pray their Ministry reach the masses and changes the lives of nonbelievers because at the end of the days that’s what it’s about. God Bless

  4. Tiffani on said:

    Show Me The Way. These sweet girls came to our youth explosion and rocked the house a few weeks ago. Best of luck Signature!

  5. Your Biggest Fan on said:

    signature’s song is young, fresh and different. Much needed today, in a time when gospel sales are declining. Plus it was produced by Damon Stewart & Floyd Thomas!! They have my vote!

  6. Lady V on said:

    Kenny Lewis is an artist of integrity and amazing music. Love Song is right from a worshipers heart. Love Song gets the vote.

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