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Fox News is a safe place for President Donald Trump’s supporters. They could always tune to the conservative station to avoid hearing negative views about their president. So, Trump’s unwavering supporters were outraged by the sharp criticism on Monday by the African-American host of the network’s show “The Specialist.”

The New York Times reports that Eboni Williams received at least 150 “menacing messages” from viewers who disliked her commentary berating Trump for siding with violent White supremacists who rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday.

In her commentary , Williams described Trump’s initial remarks on the melee at the rally as “cowardly and dangerous.”

Williams said she is no longer willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt that Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and the LGBT community are segments of the nation who are included in his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again.” She added that Trump “did the math” and calculated that he’s willing to say anything to hold on to his racist base.

The response on social media was quick and furious:

Variety reported that Williams received many other comments that were more threatening:

“I should meet my maker soon, I shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets of New York. They heard that I live in Harlem — Harlem needs to watch out,” Williams said, citing statements she received from angry Trump supporters.

According to Variety, Fox granted her request for additional security.

The Times said Williams, who considers herself politically moderate, criticized Trump partly because she felt that her viewers “deserved a diversity of viewpoints.”

“I felt utterly compelled in that moment, particularly as a Black woman who works on Fox News Channel, and has the privilege and a responsibility to address an audience that otherwise doesn’t necessarily get my point of view, or the point of view of people like me,” she said, according to The Times.

SOURCE:  New York Times, Variety


Black Fox News Host Receives Death Threats For Criticizing Trump was originally published on newsone.com

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One thought on “Black Fox News Host Receives Death Threats For Criticizing Trump

  1. Fox always leads the ratings because their programming is preaching to the choir: Republicans,teatolitarians,”Christian” Talibangelicals,and Trumpanzees. They have no tolerance for diverse opinions and Eboni being a self-described “moderate” is banging her head against a brick wall.As another token moderate Chris Wallace,being a white man is more acceptable to the deplorable market. The other networks (even “progressive” MSNBC with Joe Scarborough) have more diverse opinions to diversify their viewership so individually will never trump (pun intended) Fox in ratings and other minorities there (e.g. Geraldo Rivera and Juan Williams) know their opinions must lean rightward in order to stay on the air. Good luck Eboni.

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