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An 11-year-old girl was sleeping in her house when boiling hot water was poured on her face.

In Bronx, New York Jamoniesha Merrit was having a sleep over in her family’s apartment when her friend 12-year-old Aniya Grant, poured the hot water on her.

The incident happened at 4 am, and Merrit was quickly taken to Harlem Hospital with third-degree burns to the face.

In anger and frustration, Ebony Merrit the mother of the victim went to the home of Grant’s mother, Shernett Panton, to confront her.

According to ABC News,  Merrit screamed, “I’m going to cut your face, you f-ing b—-h! I’m going to burn your f-ing house down! You let this happen to my daughter!”

The attacker is allegedly being charged in juvenile court. She has been under suicide watch at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center after trying to stab herself with a knife after the incident.

(Source: ABC News & Hello Beautiful)


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24 thoughts on “11-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized After Hot Water Is Thrown On Her


    • African American Woman on said:

      Not so sure about that…all kids don’t do things like this. More likely this horrible age of social media that glorifies violence, sex and narcissism, bad/non-existent parenting and community violence.

  2. According to ABC News, Merrit screamed, “I’m going to cut your face, you fucking bitch! I’m going to burn your fucking house down! You let this happen to my daughter!”

    Sounds Right !

  3. leadjustone on said:

    The word “playing” and “hot water challenge” should not be in the same sentence. This is a sick act done by a very disturbed child. Makes you kind of hesitant about having sleep overs. Seems we don’t know who is and who is not mentally ill these days. Hope the child recovers, but she will probably be scarred (physically and emotionally) for life.

  4. OMG!!!!!
    There is something terribly wrong with the young folks these days!!!!!

    My heart goes out to Ms. Merritt and her family. I hope she fully recovers from this
    incident and that her mental and physical scarring heals.

    This was a premeditated act done by a very disturbed child.
    Since the kid stated that she was going to do something to Ms. Merritt,
    the act was INTENTIONAL.

    However, the stupid mother claims it was only a “prank.”

    Pouring scalding hot water on someone and causing severe burns is not funny.
    I hope the mother is made to pay for Ms. Merritt’s entire hospital bills and
    further plastic surgery she may need.

    Do not put this 11 yr old in Juvey-she should be charged as an ADULT
    and put in a real JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I just saw another news article on this subject. It stated that the girl perpetrator, and the victim had been in an argument, and the perpetrator told her if or when she went to sleep, she was going to do something to her. See that’s when I would have called my mom to come and get me immediately, because I can’t defend myself in my sleep and I will eventually fall asleep. Good to know lil Miss bad ass is being prosecuted.

  6. T. Kennedy on said:

    This is the second time I have heard about hot water tragedy. What is this all about? What evilness is taking over these girls, mothers you will have to do more then just talk to them, they need to see what can happen, take them to a burn unit so they can see first hand what could happen and how painful this is. Pray for the little children and their parents.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    As soon as a I saw the title I thought the very same thing. Why couldn’t it be “An eleven year old child hospitalized…” So stupid.

  8. African American Woman on said:

    People are crazy out here…younger and younger these days…I’m trying to figure out why the title includes her race?

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