Eric Bigger from ‘The Bachelorette’: ‘I Felt That What Me And Rachel Had Was Strong’


Eric Bigger was in the final three of The Bachelorette this season. He had sisters all over rooting for him to be the one Rachel Lindsay chose.

Unfortunately, Rachel chose someone else, but Eric is feeling great.

As you all know, Sybil has been rooting for Eric this season and had to ask what he learned from all of this.

He said, “I learned about myself and where I come from. I believe in love and that everyone should get out of their own way and embrace the new.”

This season of The Bachelorette was exciting with high hopes in the future for a black bachelor. To that Bigger says, “I’m open to being the next black bachelor.”

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6 thoughts on “Eric Bigger from ‘The Bachelorette’: ‘I Felt That What Me And Rachel Had Was Strong’

  1. Mac Ben on said:

    That sista sold out. Massa had her looking like a desperate-for-a-white saviour with the way she was ramming her tongue down the white man’s throat on every date. Imagine tv showing a strong black king slobbing down a bunch of Beckies and Amies and then choosing one as a bride! Ha!

  2. Alice on said:

    Well, I had high hopes for Eric being chosen by her. I did not like Eric when he first came on the show but he grew on me. I admired his honesty and how he was so opened about his childhood. I also enjoyed him not being ashamed of his environment. He is well educated (and plus he graduated from a Historically Black College and University (HBCU),Hampton University). He seems to have a very good heart. He is still giving back to his neighborhood and he is really trying to make a difference in young people lives. I wished Rachel would have felt comfortable and allowed herself to fall in love with this wonderful brother. I wish so bad that he could meet my goddaughter or some of my friends daughters and nieces. We should embrace our brothers when they are doing well. I saw great chemistry of black love between the two and I was rooting hard for Eric. I think he would have complimented her well but I she had the final say and she had to follow her heart.

  3. Why would anyone watch a game show with a human being as the prize? If I were going to celebrate someone being the first black to do something, it wouldn’t be this nonsense.

  4. Passing Through! on said:

    Of course she wouldn’t pick the black man, she had to choose the white guy to keep pushing the myth of white supremacy. The black girl selects the white boy because white men are better in comparison to black men and besides the network didn’t want a black couple displaying black love and unity on national television, showing a black man and woman sticking together choosing black love. This is so typical, over the years everyone complained about not having black people on the show and we get a black bachelorette and she picks the white man, just as a black man would have probably chosen a white or non black woman. But I guarantee you, a white man WILL NEVER choose a black women over a white woman, ever. That’s why I don’ watch this bullS**t.

    • Diane on said:

      I agree. I don’t watch this crap either. I knew what the outcome was going to be. I’m for blk love, all day everyday.

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